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Data and Information on over 10,000 sailboats and a lot more. Please Explore it!​ is the biggest sailboat data website you can find. It is also the most accurate, as we constantly review and update sailboat data and verify them manually, one by one. New boats are added every month. 

We add new pages every week and new sections on a regular basis, so that you can find all you need in one place, and can rely on it.

If you are passionate about sailing boats, living aboard, looking to find your next dream, this is the place for you, and we hope you will find it easy to navigate and useful.

Enjoy it!

OceanWave Sail

Sailboat Galley and Recipes

Sure, I like sailing, but how much better it is with good food"

Sailboat Data in Detail

What specs does a sailboat have? Check here, the most complete sailing boats database

Bluewater Sailboats

The biggest collection of Bluewater sailing boats on the web

Sailboat Ratio Calculator

All sailing boat ratios, explained and available for you to calculate

Sailboat Builders

Are you looking to understand more about who made any specific sailboat?

Sailing Terminology

Sailing and Nautical Terms to clarify any of your terminology problems

Great Explorers &Tall Ships

A bit of history? Tall Ships and Great Explorers, ancient boats and sailing techniques ...

History & More

This section is for you. It will grow by the week with new additions. All about sailing!

Meteo Terminology

A complete Meteo Glossary to quickly sort out your doubts
Sailboat on the Ocean in Maui Hawaii

7 Adventure Sailing Destinations in Hawaii

With its balmy temperatures all year round, calm trade winds, and magnificent natural beauty, Destinations in Hawaii is a sailor’s paradise. Hawaii is a great place for sailors of all skill levels since there are

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