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OceanWave Sail

Sailboat Galley and Recipes

Sure, I like sailing, but how much better it is with good food"

Sailboat Data in Detail

What specs does a sailboat have? Check here, the most complete sailing boats database

Bluewater Sailboats

The biggest collection of Bluewater sailing boats on the web

Sailboat Ratio Calculator

All sailing boat ratios, explained and available for you to calculate

Sailboat Builders

Are you looking to understand more about who made any specific sailboat?

Sailing Terminology

Sailing and Nautical Terms to clarify any of your terminology problems

Great Explorers &Tall Ships

A bit of history? Tall Ships and Great Explorers, ancient boats and sailing techniques ...

History & More

This section is for you. It will grow by the week with new additions. All about sailing!

Meteo Terminology

A complete Meteo Glossary to quickly sort out your doubts

How to Anchor a Boat?

One of the key abilities you must acquire before setting sail on your boat, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a long-distance trip, is how to anchor a boat. While you’re out on the

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Sailing Basics: Practical Steps to Learn Sail

Are you attracted to the sea’s call, seduced by the prospect of sailing into the distance, and enthralled by the sailing lifestyle? If so, you are not by yourself. Many people have this dream in

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Cruising Lifestyle – Expectations vs. Reality

For many people, living the ocean cruising lifestyle is the ultimate goal. It’s difficult to resist the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with the thought of setting sail across azure oceans, discovering far-off

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How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Go?

Have you ever pondered “How fast does a cruise ship go?” while standing on a cruise ship’s deck and looking out at the great ocean? Many people have this thought on their minds when they

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Sail Guide for Bluewater Cruiser Catamaran

Ever set sail on a catamaran, eyes on the endless horizon, only to wonder, “Which sails are best for my Bluewater Cruiser Catamaran?” That familiar quest for the perfect canvas to harness the wind guides

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Sailing Basics: Parts of the Sail

The sail is a sailboat’s lifeblood; it is the component that captures the wind’s energy and moves the craft smoothly through the sea. To learn the art of sailing, it is essential to comprehend the

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