In search of the ideal Caribbean sailing vacation? The United States Virgin Islands (USVI), which have some of the best sailing locations in the area, are the only place to look. With its clean waters, consistent trade winds, and breathtaking scenery, the USVI is a boater’s heaven. The Cruising Destinations in United States has plenty to offer everyone, regardless of your level of sailing expertise.

The USVI is a melting pot of civilizations with a long history that includes influences from the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British. There are several picturesque seafaring cities on the islands, each with its own distinctive personality and charms. There are several fantastic sailing sites to discover, from the busy harbors of St. Thomas and St. Croix to the quiet coves of Water Island and Norman Island.

So why did you decide to travel by sailing? Sailing is the ideal way to escape the stress of daily life and fully appreciate the natural beauty of the Caribbean. You can discover quiet beaches, go snorkeling in pristine waters, and get a unique perspective on the islands that most visitors will never have.

The USVI offers the best sailing locations in the Caribbean, whether you’re seeking excitement or tranquility. This tropical paradise offers something for everyone, from the British Virgin Islands’ blue waters to St. Thomas’ colorful culture. So prepare for the trip of a lifetime by packing your luggage, grabbing your sunscreen, and setting sail.

Best 10 Cruising Destinations in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

Some of the most stunning sailing locations in the world may be found off the coast of the Caribbean Sea’s United States Virgin Islands. The USVI is a well-liked sailing destination because of its mild climate, clean waters, and many islands to explore. Here are 10 Cruising Destinations in United States Virgin Islands USVI that are a must-see for sailors, along with suggestions for sailboats and things to do there.

St. Thomas – Charlotte Amalie Harbor

One of the most well-liked USVI destinations is St. Thomas, and Charlotte Amalie Harbor is a perfect place to begin your sailing journey. On the southern side of the island, this thriving harbor provides quick access to a wide range of retail establishments, dining options, and tourist attractions. Visit the well-known Blackbeard’s Castle in Charlotte Amalie while you’re there for a breathtaking view of the neighborhood.

Sailboat Recommendation: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479


  • At the Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge, snorkeling
  • Shopping in Charlotte Amalie’s duty-free establishments
  • Visiting the region’s medieval forts and castles

St. John – Caneel Bay St.

John is renowned for its immaculate beaches, verdant landscape, and rich marine life. On the island’s northern side, Caneel Bay is a protected bay with calm waters and fantastic snorkeling chances. A lush forest that encircles the bay provides a magnificent backdrop for sailing.

Sailboat Recommendation: a Leopard 48 Catamaran


  • Virgin Islands National Park hiking
  • Snorkeling in Trunk Bay, one of the world’s most picturesque beaches
  • Kayaking in Hurricane Hole’s mangrove woods

St. Croix – Christiansted Harbor

The largest of the USVIs, St. Croix is renowned for its rum distillery, plantations, and ancient villages. The village of Christiansted is easily accessible from Christiansted Harbor, which is situated on the island’s northern side. A must-see for history buffs is the old Fort Christiansvaern, which is located near the waterfront.

Sailboat Recommendation: Beneteau Oceanis 45

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  • Going to the Cruzan Rum Distillery
  • Touring Christiansted’s Historical Sites
  • Snorkeling at Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • Beach Horseback Riding

Water Island – Honeymoon Beach

A short distance from St. Thomas’ coast is the tiny, uninhabited island of Water Island. One of the most stunning beaches in the USVI, Honeymoon Beach, is located on the island. The beach offers white sand, quiet waves, and fantastic snorkeling chances.

Sailboat Recommendation: Lagoon 400 S2 Catamaran


  • Beach Snorkeling at Honeymoon
  • Kayaking next to the water
  • picnicking on a beach and having fun
  • hiking to the island’s highest peak for breathtaking views

Norman Island – The Bight

In the British Virgin Islands, Norman Island is a tiny, deserted island that is situated close to Tortola. The island is renowned for its underwater caverns and reefs and is said to be the source of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” story. On the island’s southern side, The Bight provides a safe mooring with quick access to the caverns and reefs.

Sailboat Recommendation: Bavaria Cruiser 46


  • Scuba diving in the Caves
  • visiting the beaches and coves on the island
  • Spyglass Hill’s summit hike for sweeping vistas
  • sunbathing and unwinding on the beach

Jost Van Dyke – Great Harbour

In the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke is a tiny island that is close to Tortola. The island’s pubs, restaurants, and shops are easily accessible from Great Harbour, the island’s principal harbor. The renowned Foxy’s Bar, a favorite hangout for sailors from all over the world, is also located in the harbor.

Sailboat Recommendation: Dufour 460 GL


  • Sunbathing and unwinding on the beach
  • Ascending Majohnny Hill for a panoramic vista
  • Snorkeling in Sandy Cay and White Bay
  • At Foxy’s Bar, sipping on a Painkiller cocktail
  • Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island

Peter Island – Deadman’s Bay

Private island Peter Island is situated in the British Virgin Islands, close to Tortola. A quiet bay with calm waters and fantastic snorkeling chances is called Deadman’s Bay. The beach offers breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and is bordered by thick greenery.

Recommendation for a sailboat: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519


in Deadman’s Bay, snorkeling
picnicking privately on a beach
hiking to the island’s highest peak for breathtaking views
sunbathing and unwinding on the beach

St. Thomas – Red Hook

On the eastern side of St. Thomas, Red Hook is a well-liked Cruising Destinations in United States. A wide variety of eateries, stores, and bars are conveniently located near the harbor. The renowned Secret Harbour Beach, which is located in the region and offers calm waters and fantastic snorkeling chances, is also located there.

Sailboat Recommendation: Hanse 548


  • At Secret Harbour Beach, snorkeling
  • Drinking at the renowned Duffy’s Love Shack
  • Taking the St. Thomas Skyride to see the island’s breathtaking vistas

St. John – Cruz Bay

The primary port on St. John is Cruz Bay, which provides quick access to the island’s boutiques, eateries, and nightclubs. The well-known National Park Visitor Center, which provides details on the island’s history and environment, is also located in the harbor.

Sailboat Recommendation: Bali 4.8 Catamaran


  • Scuba diving in Caneel Bay
  • Trekking the renowned Reef Bay Trail
  • Drinking at the renowned Beach Bar

Virgin Gorda – Spanish Town

In the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a small island that lies to the east of Tortola. The island’s bars, restaurants, and stores are easily accessible from Spanish Town, the island’s principal port. The renowned Baths, a natural wonder with enormous granite rocks and crystal-clear waters, are also located in the port.

Sailboat Recommendation: Nautitech 46 Fly


  • Discovering the renowned Baths
  • Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay snorkeling
  • Drinking at the renowned CocoMaya restaurant
  • Going to the ancient Copper Mine ruins.

In conclusion, the Cruising Destinations in United States Virgin Islands are among the world’s top sailing locations. There is something for every sailor to enjoy, from the busy harbors of St. Thomas and St. Croix to the quiet beaches of Water Island and Norman Island. Finding the ideal sailboat for your journey is simple with so many possibilities available. The USVI offers a variety of activities, including snorkeling, hiking, lounging on the beach, and seeing historical monuments. So prepare for the trip of a lifetime by packing your luggage, grabbing your sunscreen, and setting sail.

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