Hi All

Just a note to let you know that we are now updating the website weekly, adding several pages and details of boats every single week, as well as other information that could be useful for those who sail and those who have an interest in the topic.

We are also reviewing manually every record of our database on sailboats, designers and builders, as well as our directories and collections, so that the quality of our information improves day by day.

Our database consists of over 10,000 sailing boats, but there will be times where we remove blocks of about 200 boats at a time, if we are reviewing their data. They will be added back to our database, and searchable, usually a couple of weeks later.

The dataset is as accurate as possible, and will improve in time, as we double check each individual boat with the manufacturer datasheet where available, or with relevant information around the web.

Before the end of this year a significant quantity of boats, not yet present in our database, will be added, including new and old models.

Please let us know if any information provided is inaccurate, so we can fix it.

Fair Winds and Following Seas



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