Are you seeking a tropical haven where you can cruise around by boat? Look no further than New Caledonia, a French colony in the South Pacific renowned for its brilliant coral reefs, clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes. New Caledonia is a sailor’s paradise with a variety of islands and bays to discover. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the top Destinations in New Caledonia, address some frequently asked questions, and assist you in making plans for your upcoming sailing expedition.

Top Sailing Destinations in New Caledonia

A collection of islands known as New Caledonia can be found in the South Pacific. For sailors who appreciate discovering beautiful waterways, white sand beaches, and coral reefs, it is the perfect vacation spot. Here are a few of the most popular Destinations in New Caledonia.

Île des Pins

For sailors in New Caledonia, Île des Pins, sometimes known as the Isle of Pines, is a must-see location. The main island’s southernmost neighbour is a lovely island with a turquoise lagoon and white sand beaches. The island is a top location for diving and snorkelling because of the coral reefs that surround it. The island’s numerous anchorages and bays can be explored by tourists, including the well-known Kuto Bay, where many sailors choose to spend the night. There are liveaboard options available, enabling guests to take their time admiring the island’s splendour.


The capital of New Caledonia, Nouméa, is the ideal place to begin a sailing journey. It is a thriving French-inspired city with a charming harbour and lots of marinas. Numerous yacht clubs in Nouméa also provide sailing lessons and charters for sailors of all skill levels. For sailors, the city offers first-rate resources like boat rentals, maritime supplies, and maintenance services. Additionally, there are liveaboard options that let visitors stay on their boats and explore the city at their own pace.


The Loyalty Islands group’s Ouvéa is home to a little atoll that is a great sailing treasure. The island is home to one of the world’s most stunning beaches, the well-known Mouli Beach, which spans for more than 25 kilometres. The island’s numerous coves and anchorages present fantastic chances for sailing, while the beach is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing. The availability of liveaboard alternatives enables guests to stay as long as they choose on this stunning island paradise.


One of the larger islands in the Loyalty Islands chain and a well-liked sailing location is Lifou. The gorgeous Jinek Bay, a top location for swimming and snorkelling, is only one of the island’s many bays and anchorages. In addition to its distinct culture, Lifou is renowned for the classic Melanesian architecture seen in the island’s several settlements. There are liveaboard choices that let tourists get a close-up look at the island’s beauty and culture.

Grande Terre

The largest island in New Caledonia, Grande Terre, is home to some of the best sailing locations in the nation. The picturesque Baie des Tortues, also known as Turtle Bay, is one of the several bays and anchorages along the island’s west coast that attracts sailors in particular. With its rocky shoreline and breathtaking surroundings, the east coast is also worthwhile exploring. There are liveaboard alternatives available, letting visitors leisurely explore the island’s numerous bays and anchorages.

The Coral Sea

The Coral Sea, a large body of water that encircles New Caledonia, is a popular destination for sailors. The water is a great place for snorkelling and diving because it is home to many coral reefs. A number of uninhabited islands and atolls, notably the stunning Chesterfield Reef, are also found in the sea. There are liveaboard options available, enabling tourists to get up close and personal with the Coral Sea’s beauty and aquatic life.

Prony Bay

Prony Bay is a magnificent natural harbour situated on Grande Terre’s southeast coast. The bay, which is flanked by verdant hills, provides good protection for sailors. It is a well-liked destination for sailors and has a variety of anchorages, including the renowned Carenage du Sud. The several islands and islets in the harbour can be explored by visitors, notably the stunning Île Ouen, which provides fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Upi Bay

The east shore of Lifou Island is home to the remote anchorage known as Upi Bay. The bay can only be reached by boat and is encircled by enormous cliffs. It is a premier location for swimming, snorkelling, and fishing and provides great protection for sailors. The numerous caves and rock formations in the area, including the well-known Trou de Bone, a natural pool carved into the rocks, are open for exploration by tourists.


On Grande Terre’s east coast is the charming town of Hienghène. Beautiful natural beauty, including the well-known Hienghène Bay, which is a top sailing location, surrounds the settlement. The bay features a number of anchorages, including the stunning Baie de Kouakoué, and provides great protection for sailors. The surrounding Hienghène River, which provides fantastic paddling opportunities, can also be explored by visitors.

Tiga Island

Sailing enthusiasts frequently travel to Tiga Island, a small island in the Loyalty Islands group. There are many bays and anchorages on the island, notably the lovely Baie de la Tortue, a great location for swimming and snorkelling. The numerous cultural landmarks on the island, such as the well-known Tiga Church made entirely of coral, can be explored by tourists.

Belep Islands

The Belep Islands are a trio of islands in New Caledonia’s north that are a true haven for sailors. The islands are a top location for snorkelling and diving because of the abundance of coral reefs and the clean, surrounding waters. Visitors can explore the several bays and anchorages on the islands, including the lovely Baie de Pam, a well-liked location for swimming and picnicking.

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that you must read before planning to visit sailing destinations in New Caledonia:

Is a licence required to sail in New Caledonia?

To sail in New Caledonia, you do indeed need a licence. You may use your home country’s current sailing licence for up to three months in New Caledonia. A New Caledonian licence must be obtained if you want to cruise for more than three months.

In New Caledonia, when is the ideal time to sail?

The dry season, which lasts from May to October, is the ideal time to go for Sailing Destinations in New Caledonia. It’s the perfect time to use a boat to explore the islands because the weather is moderate and the winds are typically quiet.

Is it possible to rent a boat in New Caledonia?

In New Caledonia, you can indeed rent a boat. Sailboat, motorboat, and catamaran rentals are available from a number of businesses. Before renting a boat, it is necessary to have a current sailing licence and experience, and it is advised to make reservations well in advance during the busy season.

What should I bring on a sailing vacation to New Caledonia?

Swimwear, shorts, and t-shirts should all be packed for a sailing trip in New Caledonia along with other lightweight, quick-drying gear. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses should all be packed as sun protection is also essential. A waterproof bag, a dry bag, and a pair of slip-resistant shoes or sandals are further necessities.

Does New Caledonia have any limits on anchoring?

Anchoring is indeed prohibited in several Destinations in New Caledonia, particularly in marine protected areas. It is crucial to adhere to local laws and ordinances and to only anchor in permitted places. Utilising environmentally friendly anchors is also advised in order to safeguard the fragile coral reefs.

Can I sail between the New Caledonian islands?

It is possible to sail between the islands of New Caledonia, and it is strongly advised. Explore the various island groups, each with its own distinct beauty and culture. Planning your journey beforehand and being aware of the local weather and sea conditions are key.

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With countless islands and bays to discover, beautiful waters, and breathtaking landscape, New Caledonia is a sailor’s dream. This lovely location has something to offer everyone, experienced sailors as well as novices. New Caledonia provides a wide variety of sailing sites, from the vibrant capital of Nouméa to the pristine beaches of Île des Pins and Lifou. Respect the precious marine environment, abide by local laws, and have fun on your sailing expedition.

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