Bluewater Sailboat – Alden 43


The Bluewater Sailboat Alden 43 is a prime example of American yacht design and craftsmanship. Designed by John Alden, who has created over 1000 yachts, and has been continuously updated and maintained by two experienced yacht owners. It is suitable for bluewater voyages and is featured in Ferenc Máté’s book “The World’s Greatest Sailboats Volume II”. It is highly sought after by sailing enthusiasts. The yacht boasts an elegant ash interior with cherry accents, blue upholstery, and Corian countertops. It has been well-maintained by a yard and is in excellent condition. It also comes with a comprehensive inventory that reflects the owners commitment to quality and safety.

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Alden 43
Alden 43
  • LOA        43’2″ – 44’10”
  • LWL        34’6″
  • Beam    12’6″
  • Draft fin               7’5″
  • Draft shoal          5’9″
  • Ballast fin             10000 lbs.
  • Ballast shoal       11000 lbs.
  • Sail Area               915 sq. ft.
  • SA/D fin               18.10
  • SA/D shoal          17.59
  • D/L         250
  • D/L shoal             261
  • Auxiliary Westerbeke    63B
  • Fuel       50 gals.
  • Water   100 gals.


The Alden 43/45 is a new addition to the successful line of semi-custom Alden yachts, designed with both the IMS rule and the Ocean Racing Council (O.R.C.) stability requirements in mind. Constructed to meet American Bureau of Shipping certification requirements for +A1 Offshore Racing Yachts, this bluewater yacht boasts traditional lines and a design that prioritizes performance. The only external difference between the 43 and 45 models is the traditional transom on the 45 and the retrousse stern on the 43, giving buyers the option to choose based on their preferred design or intended use. Both models can be equipped for either race course or offshore cruising. Alden yachts are known for their conservative approach to naval architecture, a legacy passed down from the famous John Alden who designed over 1,000 yachts, including the famous string of race winners named Malabar.


The Alden 43 is a powerful and elegant bluewater yacht, designed with a blend of traditional and modern features. Built with cutting-edge technology, the hull and deck are constructed using vacuum-bagged laminations of biaxial E- and S-Glass fibers, bonded with vinylester resins around a low density balsa core. The result is a lightweight and highly-stiff hull with a low center of gravity. The interior is finished with okoume plywood and balsa-cored paneling, using a combination of solid wood and veneers where necessary. The yacht features a transom with a traditional stern and a modern cockpit size, giving the owner the option to choose between the two based on personal preference. The Alden 43 is equipped with a performance prediction program to ensure speed, and offers a variety of keel options, including deep draft fin or fin/bulb shoal keel. The rig options include a tall, triple-spreader rig for IMS racing, or a shorter, double-spreader rig for cruising. The yacht comes with a 10-year warranty against blistering, ensuring the satisfaction and peace of mind of the buyer.

The Alden 43 is a versatile and elegant bluewater sailboat, designed for both racing and cruising. The boat comes with the option of choosing between a traditional transom or a retrousse stern, depending on the owner’s aesthetic preference. Both options offer a spacious cockpit and the traditional stern offers additional deck space aft. The hull design boasts rounded sections for a low wetted surface and a moderate beam at the stern.

One of the main features of the Alden 43 is the keel option, allowing the owner to choose between a deep draft fin or a fin/bulb shoal keel. This option provides flexibility in choosing the right keel for different cruising destinations and the change can be made at the yard in just two hours.

Rig options include a tall, triple-spreader rig for IMS racing or a shorter, double spreader rig for more casual cruising. Both options feature inline lowers with a babystay, while the mainsheet traveler is well forward to keep it out of the cockpit. The foretriangle is kept short to keep the headsails small, adding to the speed and performance of the boat. Overall, the Alden 43 is a well-designed and high-performance ocean cruiser, ready for both racing and ocean cruising.

Above deck

The sailplan of this bluewater yacht is adaptable to the buyer’s needs, offering options for both racing and cruising. The standard rig is a masthead-rigged double spreader spar, but those seeking maximum performance can opt for a triple spreader spar with removable forestay and check stays. This increases the sail area and provides more shape controls for racing. The T-shaped cockpit is versatile and can be used for both racing and ocean cruising.

The deck layout is designed for easy handling of the halyards, which lead off the mast to the cockpit. The cabin house is designed to be narrow, allowing for inboard genoa tracks and ample space on the side decks.

Below deck

The interior of the yacht can be tailored to the buyer’s preferences, with three layouts available or a custom design within certain structural constraints. All layouts include a private cabin with a double berth aft to port, another cabin forward with a double berth. Racing versions typically have a smaller galley, while ocean cruising versions include a more spacious arrangements. The head compartment can be simple or luxurious with a stall shower. Navigating area on portside is also well thought of.

The use of wood can be found throughout the sailboat, both on the exterior and interior, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The designers have also made use of the available space in a smart way, such as the floor of the hallway leading to the interior, which can be lifted to reveal access to the engine room. This area also provides ample storage space for essentials such as life jackets, ropes, and tools.

Stepping into the cockpit, which is situated to the starboard side in the center of the yacht, offers a stunning view. The seats are designed for comfort and relaxation, making the Alden a perfect sailboat for those who want to make it more than just a mode of transportation but rather an extension of their home. Furthermore, the yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, particularly in the areas of safety and navigation.

Quick notes

The team at Alden, led by designer Niels Helleberg, have been responsible for creating a number of beautiful yachts with a distinct aesthetic. Their designs are reminiscent of traditional East Coast yachts, featuring sleek lines and a timeless style that embodies the essence of sailing.

The Alden 43 is a fine example of American craftsmanship, designed with attention to detail and an emphasis on customization. Each boat is built to the client’s specifications, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with the final product.

 The company offers four versions of this 43-foot yacht, allowing for a range of options in terms of distribution, finishes, and equipment. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, Alden offers a unique and personalized experience for those looking for a top-of-the-line sailing yacht.

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