Bluewater Sailboat – Arcona 435


The Bluewater Sailboat Arcona 435 exemplifies Arcona Yachts’ growth in design and innovation. She’s the kind of boat that can win regattas one weekend and then take the family out for a relaxing and safe sail the next.

The Arcona 435 upholds Arcona’s long legacy of innovation and design perfection by employing high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. She was launched in 2018 by Arcona Yachts and was named European Yacht of the Year 2019 in the performance racer-cruiser category. The Arcona 435 is a fast, contemporary, and user-friendly 43-foot performance cruiser.

Arcona 435
Arcona 435
  • LOA: 13.80m (45ft 3in)
  • Hull Length: 
13.20m (43ft 4in)
  • LWL: 12.20m (40ft)
  • Beam: 3.98m (13ft 1in)
  • Draught: 
2.30m (7ft 7in)
  • Displacement: 8,900kg (19,621 lb)
  • Ballast: 3,400kg (7,495 lb)
  • Ballast ratio: 38.2%
  • Displacement: 135.8
  • Sail area: 111m2 (1,195sq ft)
  • SA/D ratio: 26.3
  • Diesel: 180 litres 
(40 gal)
  • Water: 
300 litres (66 gal)
  • Engine: 45hp
  • Transmission: Saildrive
  • RCD category: A
  • Designer: 
Stefan Qviberg
  • Builder: 
Arcona Yachts AB


The Bluewater Sailboat Arcona 435 is a commanding presence: She is sleek (at 3.98 metres wide) for her length of 13.20 metres, resulting in a 1:3.3 ratio – compared to the slightly larger X-Yachts XP 44, which has a 1:3.5 ratio, or the slightly smaller Dehler 42, which also has a 1:3.3 ratio. The Arcona appears to be a slim boat, which suggests it’s swift.

Another characteristic that may be of interest: For Arcona, the ballast that is counted in the equation is just the weight accumulated in the keel-bomb, which is 3.4 tonnes (that’s 38% of the boat’s total displacement, which is only 9 tonnes). In comparison to the XP44, which has 44%. However, with X-Yachts, the keel’s fin as well as the hull cage are included in the ballast count. Dehler’s 42 has a ballast ratio of 33%. (as well as counting the whole weight of the keel construction). The Arcona is unquestionably a tough boat!

Above Deck

Because of her broader stern, there is plenty of room in the cockpit for crew, friends, and family. It also provides greater space in the aft cabins, galley, and saloon. Her wide stern provides excellent sailing performance, particularly downwind. There is also the option of an open or semi-open transom.

She comes equipped with dual wheels that can be modified to carbon fibre. When not in use, the cockpit table recesses into the floor, giving an open, comfortable environment when sailing. The windows on the coachroof are large and broad, letting in plenty of natural light.

The cockpit is huge, with an integrated bathing platform and a large storage compartment aft, accessible via two recessed hatches in the cockpit floor. The sidewalls of the cockpit have been constructed for sensible stowage, and two compartments at the front edge of the coaming tastefully store all halyards. Teak is used for the cockpit coaming, aft deck, and sole. Teak or Arcona’s proven non-slip material can be specified for the side deck.

Below Deck

Because this Bluewater sailboat is intended to be sailed for extended periods of time and in all weather conditions, a pleasant and relaxing yacht interior is an important feature of an Arcona. The cabin is particularly built to make onboard living enjoyable.

The interior is finished in chosen Khaya mahogany and lacquered to a high-gloss glossy finish, effectively communicating a calm living area. We also have oak for individuals who want a lighter interior. All of the mouldings, door frames, and stairs have polished teak soles.

When you order your Arcona, you can choose from a wide variety of cushion materials and colours. Recessed spotlights provide ceiling lighting in the saloon, cabins, and heads. More lamps with a dimmer in the navigation station create evocative saloon lighting below the deck in the saloon. Roof lighting and two bulkhead-mounted reading lamps are included in all cabins.


You know you’re sailing a good-looking boat when you’re sailing the Arcona; she sails as well as she looks and vice versa. She sits low on the water, with a sharp bowsprit, plumb bow, low, sleek coachroof, and long coachroof windows, which are rare for Arcona.

Her lines are broken up by few visual distractions, and even the long, thin hull windows are perfectly blended into the cove line. The cockpit is long and was intended from the start with twin wheels, although her predecessor, the 430, had a huge single wheel with two wheels available as an option. The aft sections of the Arcona 435’s hull have been expanded wider to accommodate the additional room required for the wheels, making the cockpit more spacious.

As a result, the two aft cabins now have more space. The hull’s submerged aft parts are also flatter than before, and she has a notable soft, rounded chine. The more you sail the Arcona 435, the more involved you become with it, and the more you notice the subtleties of wind intensity and course shift. The balance, the weight, the direct connection are all engrossing and all-consuming.

Quick Notes

The deck is peeling and the cockpit is spacious. Spaces feel well-thought-out for comfortable and easy sailing, whether with a small or large crew. Details like the stowable cockpit table, carbon wheels, well-placed tilting stairs, and the ability to modify the position of the instruments attest to the precision and care that went into the entire process.

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