Bluewater Sailboat – Dragonfly 40


The brand-new Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser is an innovative design that puts a strong emphasis on shorthanded sailing and effortless handling. A roomy cockpit and a contemporary, chic interior. establishing new benchmarks for family offshore sailing comfort and safety.
There are four versions of the Dragonfly 40: the basic Touring version with a self-tacking jib, the Ultimate version with a taller, more powerful rig and a larger overlapping furling headsail for higher performance, the C Ultimate Carbon version with floats-, beams-, forward and aft structural main hull bulkheads-, centerboard trunk-, and under deck cabin mast support in carbon Pre-Preg system cured in autoclave, and A crew of 6 to 8 people can be accommodated on the Dragonfly 40.

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Dragonfly 40
Dragonfly 40
  • Hull Length: 12.4 m / 40.8 ft.
  • Beam:  8.4 m / 27.7 ft.
  • Draft:  2.2m / 7.2 ft.
  • Displacement: 5800 kg / 12787 lb.
  • Builder: Quorning Boats
  • Designer: Jens Quorning
  • Country: Denmark
  • First Hull Built: 2020


With the new Dragonfly 40, you can accomplish all of that quickly and comfortably. The 40 was intended from the ground up to be a couple’s or family cruising boat with all of the features and conveniences contemporary sailors desire in their new boats. It is the largest and most technologically advanced trimaran that Quorning Yachts has ever constructed. The Quorning family’s 50 years of experience designing and producing trimarans, together with suggestions from hundreds of owners, went into the design.

The main hull is wider than on prior Dragonflys and features a deep chine that deflects water away from the cockpit and deck while increasing interior volume and living space. The floats have bows that easily slice through the water while penetrating waves. The 40 can swiftly board an aeroplane and remain there thanks to the relatively flat shape of the hull under water. The 40 will sail as close to the wind as monohulls, unlike recent catamarans, thanks to the centerboard, which will significantly improve upwind performance. The boat’s broad, high-aspect rudder will be simple to handle, and you may explore shallow bays and coves by raising it.

Above Deck

The spacious cockpit is divided into two areas: the sailing space to the rear and the lounging area to the front. You will always have a clear view of the sails and the horizon with twin helms. Halyards and control lines go through conduits beneath the deck, and all sheets, halyards, and control lines are connected aft to electric winches and line stoppers. All of the line spaghetti may be neatly stored at the helms and out of the way of people in the forward cockpit thanks to this design. The 40 comes standard with an open transom, but a folding stern is an optional feature that may be added. It can fold up when sailing and down while anchored and swimming.

To minimise odours and noise, the engine and hot water heater are located beneath the cockpit sole and separated from the inside of the boat. The hatch is big enough to provide for easy access to the engine. A sail drive with a collapsible propeller is powered by the engine.

Each of the floats has two sizable access hatches where you can store kayaks, lines, fenders, extra sails, and folding bikes. One of the floats has a unique kayak access hatch in the transom, which is an intriguing possibility. Sailing a trimaran is all about maintaining a light boat. However, cruisers enjoy their toys, and the 40 has plenty of room for them.

Large trampolines add a tonne of deck area and are located between the floats and the hull. These are fantastic for sunbathing or hosting a dozen pals for sundowners.

A permanent bow sprit on the new boat allows you to fly a Code 0 or asymmetrical spinnaker from it. A Code 0 sail will be particularly helpful because the 40 is so quick that the apparent wind will frequently be forward of the beam even while reaching and running.

The 40 is available in the Touring and Ultimate variants. The touring has a self-tacking jib, a high roach mainsail, and an aluminum mast. The Ultimate sports a larger square top mainsail, a taller carbon fibre mast, and sail tracks.

The 40 is available in the Touring and Ultimate variants. The touring has a self-tacking jib, a high roach mainsail, and an aluminium mast. The Ultimate includes a larger square top mainsail, a taller carbon fibre mast, and sail tracks that enable you to fly a bigger overlapping genoa.

The new 40 includes a straightforward method for folding the floats back against the sides of the main hull, which reduces the beam to 13 feet and enables you to berth the boat in a typical marina slip. This feature is shared by all of her Dragonfly sisterships. The floats can be folded or opened in two minutes.

The rigging plans and deck layout are intended for quick, enjoyable sailing, but everything has been customized for a couple or family that wants the best of both worlds—performance and comfort.

Below Deck

Trimarans have always had a smaller interior volume than monohulls or catamarans since all of the internal living space is in the main hull. (The one notable exception is the NEEL tris.) The Quorning family decided to construct their largest trimaran ever in response to the market’s requirement for a performance tri that was comfortable and spacious enough for a couple to live onboard for lengthy periods of time without feeling like they were camping.

One is located in the fore peak of the new 40, and the other is stowed neatly under the cockpit. The L-shaped Sailboats Galley with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and lots of storage for cutlery, plates, and dishes as well as all the cooking necessities is located to port in the main living space. The head, which features a hand-held shower, is located across from the galley. The saloon table has folding leaves and is constructed on top of the centerboard trunk. Six persons can easily sit at the table. You can create another double bunk out of the port settee, providing comfortable sleeping quarters for six people.

The wide cabin windows and the numerous overhead hatches flood the cabin and salon with natural light. The interior is open, cheery, and welcoming thanks to the white ceiling and the light-colored veneers and woodwork. The finished product is of the highest calibre.

Interior spaces are compact even at 40 feet since Dragonfly does not skimp on performance. Even though the measurements look more appropriate for a 34-foot yacht than a 40-foot yacht, the main hull is thin but still provides for a nice galley and a cozy little saloon.


The Dragonfly 40 is a sleek and stylish yacht designed for speed and performance. With a predicted top speed of 24 knots, it’s sure to provide a thrilling sailing experience for its passengers. One of its standout features is the retractable centerboard, which allows the yacht to handle sharp turns and maneuver quickly even in shallow waters.

Trimarans have long been considered a niche sailing vessel, with many sailors finding them a little strange or unfamiliar. However, modern trimarans have come a long way, with some capable of reaching mid-teen speeds, and more performance-oriented designs even reaching speeds in the low 20s. This was evident during the first sail test of the Dragonfly 40, when it was able to reach speeds up to 19 knots in a consistent 18 knot breeze.

The maximum possible speed of the Dragonfly 40 is estimated to be in the mid to high-20 knot range, making it a thrilling and exhilarating sailing experience. However, while sailing at high speeds can be fun, it’s not practical or necessary for most sailors during casual cruising. Sailing at a steady pace of 12 to 15 knots provides a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, allowing you to take in your surroundings and sail comfortably across the water.

Imagine travelling from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini in the Bahamas in just four hours, or sailing from Newport to Bermuda in just two days. With the speed and maneuverability of the Dragonfly 40, these exciting sailing experiences are within reach. And, with the spacious aft cockpit and comfortable sailing conditions, you’ll be able to sail with ease and comfort.

Quick Notes

From the central hull’s shape to the outriggers’ construction, the entire yacht appears to have been speedily created. Two possibilities exist for guns with various sail areas. the first with a 99 m2 total sail area and an expanded carbon mast and staysail.

The second option has an area of 77 m2, but it is for a boat with a fixed bowsprit, and it allows for the installation of either a genoa and code zero, which has an area of 80–65 m2, or a gennaker, which has an area of 135–110 m2. If the sea is not choppy, this will give you an idea of the top speed on a 5.5t trimaran.

Speaking of the available engines, the first has a 40 litre with capacity, and the second has an 80 litre with capacity! When compared to sail-motor boats of the same size, 80 horsepower will deliver twice the speed if 40 litres of fuel per hour is already more than enough for a 5.5 tonne yacht. It is unfortunate that in this situation, a 100-liter gasoline tank would only provide for a limited amount of autonomy.

This yacht is designed for ardent racers and boasts one of the few reasonable features: a folding mechanism that reduces the trimaran’s 8.4-meter width to 4 metres. Its length also strangely grows from 12.4 to 13.99 metres.

In this configuration, Dragonfly will fit in most marinas, and parking is about as expensive as maintaining a monohull. Winter storage is no different.

The new Dragonfly 40 will make couples who may not have thought about a trimaran due to the limited quarters feel right at home and will be happy living aboard for weeks or months at a time as they explore their sailing world at really high speeds.

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