Bluewater Sailboat – Endeavour 42


Endeavour Yachts in Florida collaborated with America’s Cup designer Johan Valentijn to create the Endeavour 42 and Endeavour 51 in 1985. Endeavour Yachts’ earlier reputation for ‘Florida’ boats with simple designs, large staterooms, shoal draught, and poor windward performance was losing way to market demand for more performance-oriented designs. The E42 retains its ‘floating hotel’ moniker and is far from a blue sea cruiser, but performance has been improved by adding taller rigs, placing chain plates inboard, and upgrading to balsa cored topsides. Between 1985 and 1991, approximately 257 of these boats were produced, and they are regarded a comfortable, good value cruiser for individuals who like to live the Sonny Crockett Miami Vice liveaboard lifestyle.

Endeavour 42
Endeavour 42
  • LOA:42′ 3″
  • LWL: 33′ 4″
  • Beam: 13′
  • Draft: 5’
  • Displacement: 25,500 lbs.
  • Sail Area: 788 sq. ft.
  • Fuel Tankage: 75 – 150 US Gal.
  • Water Tankage: 75 – 100 US Gal.
  • Designer: Johan Valentijn
  • Year Introduced: 1985
  • Year Ended: 1991
  • Builder: Endeavour Yachts


Endeavour Yachts was created in 1974 in Largo, Florida by John Brooks and Rob Valdes. It was the golden age of Tampa Bay, Florida production, with Morgan, Irwin, and Gulfstar among others. Endeavour began with the release of the E32 and, later, the E37, both of which were created in-house by Dennis Robbins. When the emphasis shifted from plump, short-rigged tubs to high-performance, centre cockpits in the 1980s, Endeavour hired Johan Valentjin in 1985 to design the E42 and E51. The company folded in 1986 and was sold to Coastal Financial Corp, which, despite its name, had a 10-year financial run. John Brooks kept on as production manager, but Coastal finally sold Endeavour in the 1990s, and it became a whole other firm, primarily producing cruising catamarans. Brooks was shot dead in an apparent burglary at his house in 1996, bringing Endeavour’s history to an end. Some argue that the design heritage carries on in Island Packet Yachts, citing similarities between Endeavour and Island Packets. In the late 1970s, Bob Johnson of Island Packet joined Endeavour as a designer.


The topsides of the hull of this Bluewater Sailboat are balsa cored with plywood for compression strength and solid glass below the waterline. Moulded liners were employed, greatly restricting bilge access. After 15 years of usage, the aluminium tanks are known to rust and leak. In terms of quality construction, Endeavour ranks second behind Gulfstar and ahead of Morgan and Irwin on Florida’s west coast. The engine is a standard 62HP Perkins 4-154, which, while excellent, has limited replacement parts availability. It’s nearly tough to find a rebuilt kit.

Below Deck

The amenities are what sell these boats, and E42 owners are often pleased with the ‘floating hotel’ moniker. The Endeavour 42 has the most popular configuration among these cruisers, with a centre cockpit, an island queen aft, and a V-berth front. The galley is located along the walkthrough, with sinks located either beneath the companionway or outboard.


The Bluewater Sailboat Endeavour 42, like the Island Packets, is a hefty, shoal-draught yacht that performs badly in light air and windward. With a 5′ draught, the design is specifically tailored to the needs of sailors in South Florida and the Bahamas. A strong boat is also useful in commerce.

Quick Notes

Endeavour is well recognized for having ill-conceived access. The moulded liners severely restrict bilge access. To make matters worse, Endeavour buried the Endeavour 42’s aluminium water and fuel tanks deep into the bilge. These tanks have a 15-year lifespan and must be replaced. 

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