Bluewater Sailboat – Island Packet 37


Island Packet is a Bluewater sailboat manufacturer that clearly targets a specific market and does not attempt to appeal to everyone. Their boats are designed with cruising in mind and do not include elements that could be confused with multi-purpose use, such as a sleek profile or wedge-shaped decks, one of their Bluewater sailboats is Island Packet 37.

Island Packet 37
Island Packet 37
  • LOA:  52’6”
  • LWL:  41’4”
  • Beam:  15’1”
  • Draft:  6’9”
  • Ballast:  12,320 lbs.
  • Displacement
  • -Light ship: 31,360 lbs.
  • -Loaded:  35,840 lbs.
  • Sail area (100% foretriangle):  1,047 sq.ft.
  • Fuel:  158 gal.
  • Water:  264 gal.
  • D/L ratio
  • -Light ship:  198
  • -Loaded:  226
  • SA/D ratio
  • -Light ship:  16.81
  • -Loaded: 15.37
  • Comfort ratio
  • -Light ship:  29.00
  • -Loaded:  33.14
  • Capsize screening
  • -Light ship:  1.91
  • -Loaded:  1.83
  • Nominal hull speed
  • -Light ship:  10.2
  • knots
  • -Loaded:  9.8 knots


The Bluewater sailboat Island Packet 37, which the business produced from 1995 to 1999, is obviously a cruise vessel and adhered to its conservative and tried-and-true design formula down to the brand’s trademark yellow-tinted beige hull colour.

The IP 37, which was created by Island Packet’s president and designer Bob Johnson, is actually 38’5″ long (including the bowsprit) and 36’5″ on deck, with a strong 12’2″ beam. Drafts of 4’6″ for standard draught models and 3’8″ for shoal draught models were available. There is no indication that the standard and shallow draught boats differ in terms of ballast or displacement; the specified displacement is 18,500 lbs with 8,200 lbs of ballast.


The IP 37’s hull is made of a solid fibreglass laminate (no core), and it is reinforced by plywood bulkheads that are all tabbed into place as well as a fibreglass structural grid. All of the attachments are expertly completed, and the fit and finish are on par with that of high-end production manufacturers. The decks are made of fibreglass composite using PolyCore, a unique resin microsphere mix that is impervious to rot, extremely robust under compression, and less prone to delamination than some other core materials, as is the case with all Island Packet yachts.

Above Deck

Using a belt and suspenders method, the deck and hull of this Bluewater sailboat are linked firmly at an inward flange using adhesive sealant as well as nuts, bolts, and washers.

Without damaging the fibreglass liners and joiner work, the mechanical fasteners are serviceable and accessible. For longevity and proper weight distribution, deck hardware is fastened to the deck with stainless steel bolts and aluminium backing plates.

The IP 37’s sturdy construction is supported by a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee that goes beyond the standard hull and osmotic blister protection by incorporating protection against the composite deck’s delamination. The fact that the guarantee can be transferred to a second, third, or even fourth owner will be of special interest to buyers of old boats.

This Bluewater sailboat’s decks are clear of obstructions and have a non-skid surface with a diamond design that is exceptionally secure.

Each side has two lifelines that are supported by firmly fastened stainless steel stanchions, and the top of the cabin has a continuous handrail the entire way around.

Full-length chairs are standard in the eight-foot-long cockpit, with a drop-leaf table in front of the steering pedestal and a centerline helm seat behind it. The starboard seat has a sizable storage compartment, and the stern rail has a stainless steel boarding ladder.

Below Deck

With a front V-berth cabin, aft quarter berth cabin, and amidships main saloon, the interior spaces are quite comfortable. A comfortable and functional galley is a necessary component of a cruising sailboat, and the IP 37 features one of the greatest ones ever seen on a boat of this size. Secure and comfortable sea berths are another quality that makes a cruising boat desirable, although the IP 37 falls a little short in this area. It would have been wonderful if Island Packet had included this feature even though it is less crucial for coastal sailing and weather covers may be attached to the settees in the main saloon for offshore trips.


Although many cruising sailors prefer certain comforts and draught restrictions, some compromises must be made in order to maintain sailing performance. The large keel of the IP 37 ensures good tracking, lowers leeway for a given draught, and makes moving the boat in remote locations possible even without access to modern haul-out facilities. On the other side, it increases the amount of wet surface, which raises frictional resistance—the main factor that slows down any sailboat—and increases speed. In all but very light air circumstances, IP 37 owners claim good sailing performance. According to Island Packet’s literature, the sail area displacement ratio for the IP 37 is 18.3, but my own calculation using the manufacturer’s recommended rig dimensions shows that the SA/D is actually 15.2.

They most likely included the area of the staysail in their calculations to arrive at the larger figure. However, as this is not a common way to determine SA/D, 15.2 is a more appropriate number to use as a benchmark.

Also, according to company documentation, the maximum positive righting moment is between 75 and 80 degrees, with a positive righting moment reaching more than 140 degrees. This implies an extremely rigid boat. A boat with a 4’6″ draught can achieve this feat, according to rough calculations, if the vertical centre of gravity of the entire vessel is at or even slightly below the static waterline.

Quick Notes

Because of Island Packet’s dedication to cruising designs and sturdy construction, they have a stellar reputation and a devoted following, which keeps the price of used models high but also ensures that you get a lot for your money.

Because of its outstanding construction, trustworthy reputation, and committed owner base, ISLAND PACKET 37 has maintained its value.

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