Bluewater Sailboat – Kaufman 47


The Bluewater Sailboat Kaufman 49 cutter rig is a well-built monohull with elegant lines reminiscent of a Swan.

It has all of the qualities you’d expect from a high-quality, high-performance monohull. It is provided with all of the amenities of a luxury monohull. The Kaufman is an easy pick with its traditional architecture and plenty of conveniences. A Kaufman sailboat is a wonderful choice whether you’re planning a long-term journey or just want to spend a couple of days in the bay.

Mike Kaufman’s hull design is a hybrid of a Beneteau 456 and a Hylas 49.

Kaufman 47
Kaufman 47


A Kaufman Bluewater sailboat is an excellent purchase for a sailing lover. The 47′ hull is frequently the ideal size for a family. It has a pronounced fin keel. The rigging and stern rail are both in excellent shape. The keel is strong, and the cabin is roomy.
It boasts a lot of storage, a large l-shaped couch, and a roomy rigging system. The Kaufman’s interior features plenty of storage and a comfy Viking-style arrangement.


The Kaufman 47 is a high-performance bluewater cruiser. She is a real thoroughbred, designed by Kaufman and Ladd and built by Kha Shing. Her moderate underbody is highlighted by a lengthy keel section and a full skeg hanging rudder. She has three spacious private staterooms, two heads (one with a separate shower), a U-shaped Sailboats Galley, and a spacious salon. The teak inside is exquisitely polished.

It is apparently comfortable and speedy for their day and is similarly built to Swan 47. One of the most typical performance cruisers of the day. It’s an excellent go-anywhere offshore cruising boat. On average 150 miles a day through it all are covered. 

The low-slung, strong appearance of Kaufman and Ladd designs is often admired. Other examples are the Skye 51 and the Albin Nimbus. The Kaufman 47 is finely balanced, making it easy to sail on autopilot, and it also sails well with just a headsail, giving it an easy way to cross oceans. The hull has taken a beating, including a punch on the chin from a ferocious Italian tornado.

Quick Notes

The Kaufman 49 is the same boat as the Kaufman 48, but with a reverse transom. And there’s no disputing that the S&S Swan 47 influenced the Kaufman 47. They’re difficult to tell apart when they’re side by side. The cockpit, for example, is significantly more comfortable in the Kaufman.

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