Bluewater Sailboat – Lagoon 450 F


It’s not simple to replace a catamaran that has become a standard. But the VPLP architects, working with Lagoon and the renowned Nauta Design studio, have created the Lagoon 450 with amazing success. Starting from the intrinsic characteristics of the Lagoon 440, unrivalled contemporary comfort in the saloon and cabins, a steering station on the fly bridge accessible from both sides of the cockpit, and performance under sail, have all been preserved. The Lagoon 450 F is larger and has a larger sail area. It is available in 4 cabin configurations and has significant advances in safety, performance, and cruising comfort.

  • Hull length 45’ 10”13.96 m
  • Waterline length 43’ 11”13.38 m
  • Beam (width) 25’ 10”7.87 m
  • Draft 4’ 4”1.3 m
  • Mast height from DWL  75’ 7”23.05 m
  • Light displacement (MLC33290 lb15100 kg


One of Santorini’s most opulent catamarans is the Lagoon 450 F. In terms of accommodations, performance, amenities, and deck space, it is larger and superior to other catamarans. It has roomy, bright cabins with a tasteful interior design.

Large outdoor areas are available on this catamaran for celebrations and tanning. The passengers on the private catamaran tour in Santorini receive a complete BBQ lunch, free wine, beer, and soft beverages. The ideal way to explore Santorini Island with your loved ones and have an unforgettable birthday or wedding party for guests is on a private catamaran tour.

If you’d like to charter the Lagoon 450 F for a three-day trip to Irakleia, Sxoinousa, and Koufonisia or to Ios, Sikinos, and Folegandros, you may do so here.

Below Deck

The Lagoon 450 F is quite spacious, pleasant, and full of conveniences. The couple, kid, and dog all have excellent space separation. This is the three-cabin owner variant. Unlike the 40 Lavezzi where there were just a few places her husband could stand up, this vehicle has headroom to accommodate a 6′ 2″ person.
There is plenty of room and power for appliances like air conditioning, washers, and dryers, dishwashers, etc.
Great deck area for outdoor relaxation. Flybridge has excellent visibility.
A sizable owner base makes it simpler to get technical support, parts, and companionship while traveling with other Lagoon owners.


An impressive performance, which included sailing up to 45 degrees against the wind at 8 knots while traveling north along the US Atlantic coastline. Gulf Stream current helped this route perform better.
Compared to Lavezzi, which would smash and be uncomfortable, the bridgedeck clearance is much better. Rarely does the 450 slam.

For novice sailors, especially those wishing to sail in wide waters, the boat’s size is not optimal. Using their smaller boat, the owners traveled from Seattle to Central America and the Panama Canal before arriving where they are now. They were sceptical at first, but this boat impressed them with its sailing abilities. The owners chose comfort despite the boat being slower than others and were able to sail a catamaran 45 degrees into the wind, which is remarkable. With 280 gallons of petrol, the enhanced engine enables them to continue traveling if necessary. Sailing is more comfortable because of the lower deck slap caused by the higher bridgedeck clearance. The boat’s construction prevented the owners from experiencing any uncomfortable thumping or bouncing while they sailed for 12 hours at 30 to 35 knots. The boat’s massive size and windage necessitate an engine in winds under 5 knots, yet the owners have sailed in weak breezes using the code zero and parasailor. Because of the boat’s size and susceptibility to other factors, docking in a 10-knot breeze can be difficult.

Quick Notes

A lot of Lagoon 450 F and Fountaine Pajot boats run on 240 Volt European voltage, which means their equipment runs on 240 Volt/50 Hertz as well. Watermakers, air conditioning compressors, dishwashing machines, appliances, and water heaters cannot be used with 120 Volt/60 Hertz American power. You require a costly transformer, which is required. To accommodate the increased amperage of USA power, you also need to rewire with stronger gauge wiring in addition to upgrading the gear. If you want to spend most of your time cruising in US waters, buying a yacht with European voltage can be a hassle and an unanticipated expense.

An enclosure is required for the flybridge since being outside in the rain or cold is particularly uncomfortable for the flybridge helm. Most do not come with enclosures, thus the price of having one manufactured must be taken into account.

Because of its size, a bad catamaran for beginners. High freeboard and windage make docking and handling more difficult.

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