Bluewater Sailboat – Lagoon 450


The Bluewater Sailboat Lagoon 450 took the place of the previous 440, although manufacture didn’t end until 2020 because the 46 is this model’s more recent sibling. With over 800 produced, this catamaran by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) is one of Lagoon’s most popular vessels in terms of units sold. Hull #856, “Squid Attack,” was introduced in 2020, for instance. If you’re seeking one of these catamarans on the used market, visit our Sailboat data page.

Few cruising catamaran fans believed that the designs of the Lagoon 450 catamaran needed to be altered. The modifications led to the creation of a cozy cruising catamaran. While anchored, this Bluewater sailboat is stable and provides excellent visibility, spaciousness, and comfort. The Lagoon 450 is an almost perfect cruising boat at a reasonable price because of the features included.

Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450
  • Length Overall: 13.96 m / 45’10”
  • Beam: 7.87 m / 25’10”
  • Draft: 1.30 m / 4’3”
  • Light Displacement: 16.9 tonnes / 37,265 lbs
  • D/L: 73
  • Sail Area: 129 m² / 1,388 sq.ft
  • Full Batten Mainsail: 79 m² / 850 sq.ft
  • Square Top Main (optional): 81 m² / 872 sq.ft
  • Furling Genoa: 50 m² / 538 sq.ft
  • SA/D: 20
  • Code O (optional): 93 m² / 1,001 sq.ft
  • Power: 2 x 54 HP
  • Fuel: 2 x 520 l / 2 x 137 US gal
  • Fresh Water: 2 x 175 l / 2 x 46 US gal
  • Architect: VPLP


This boat is expertly built. You will not hear or feel any undue creaking or trembling, even when pushing the boat as hard as the circumstances permitted. Even in the deepest crevices, the yacht is beautifully polished throughout. During the factory tour, it is noted that each step of the construction process was checked for quality along the way, and the completed product shows this.

It took skill to build this boat. Despite searching every inch of the boat, they were unable to locate many problems. The yacht is perfectly polished all around, even in the deepest cracks. It took skill to build this Bluewater sailboat. Even if the boat is pushed as hard as the conditions allowed, there is not any excessive creaking or trembling. Despite searching every inch of the boat, they were unable to locate many problems. The yacht is perfectly polished all around, even in the deepest cracks. The finished result demonstrates that every stage of the construction process was tested for quality along the way.

Above Deck

As you travel forward, you’ll see that she has broad side decks that extend all the way to the forward cockpit and hand rails along the coachroof, making her a safe vessel to manoeuvre in waves. At anchor or in calm weather, the forward space is a lovely place to relax.

All of the sail management lines come back to the helm, where there are several substantial Harken winches. The 450 is available in two flavours: the 450S, which has a more conventional Lagoon bulkhead helming position, and the 450F, which has an off-center Flybridge helm. Although the Flybridge helm is quite exposed, the view from up there is spectacular in clear weather.

While docking and anchoring, it is simple to see all four corners of the boat from the top, and speaking with the person operating the windlass is also a cinch. The 450F’s unusually high boom, which makes it difficult to handle issues with the reefing lines without climbing up the mast steps, which can be tough in severe seas, is one drawback.

The chartered boat’s helm was also problematic because the bimini kept getting in the way and producing head bumps all the time. It could be wise for individuals wanting to buy a used 450 to look for boats with hard tops over the flybridge that appears to be more durable because they add extra living space.

If you are working at the winches, you must pay attention to your footing up here. You descend the steps into the aft cockpit if you take a step backwards.

But, while at anchor or in calm weather, the upper deck is a great place to unwind. There is plenty of room for relaxing, and there is even a sunbathing area at the bow, just in front of the steering wheel. For families with children on board, the top deck helm position might not be the greatest choice, as it is challenging to keep an eye on them while sailing. A bulkhead helm like the one on the 450S might be a better option in these circumstances.

You can access the aft cockpit by descending from the helm. It is not as roomy as other open-concept boats, but it still has plenty of space. On the port side of the cockpit there is a wraparound lounge, a dining table, and a day bed. The overhead lockers in the galley are located at forehead height and have sharp corners, so one should be careful when going between the cockpit and saloon.

Below Deck

Once you go aboard, you will begin to notice the spaciousness of this yacht with its rounded Lagoon-style edges and large vertical windows. Let’s face it: Lagoon excels at providing room and comfort, which is one of the key factors in the company’s success.

You may squeak into the roomy U-shaped galley that is facing aft on the port side if the going gets choppy. A large navigation station in front of that has a roomy L-shaped sofa to port and a dining table to starboard. Two large seat lockers, one of which may store an optional 11-kilowatt generator, are present in the saloon. This can also be placed in one of the cockpit’s forward lockers, which is arguably a better location for it.

The boat is capable of holding 800 litres of water and up to 1000 litres of gasoline.

You will either find 3 cabins in the Owner’s version or 4 cabins in the charter version when you enter the hulls. As the 450 has been such a popular charter boat, there are a lot of 4-cabin versions available.


The Bluewater Lagoon 450 sails nicely for a huge, comfortable boat. She may not be a performing cat, but she can compete. There is enough power with a large, 75-foot double-spreader rig and square-topped mainsail (that is an option) to head upwind at 6 to 7 knots in a respectable breeze. You should see 8 knots and even double digits coming off the wind. especially if you are setting off the bowsprit with a gennaker.

All of the sheets and reefing lines are set up neatly with electric winches, clutches, and large pockets for your lines; the mainsheet and traveller are aft of the helm on the coachroof, and all of the sheets and reefing lines are forward.

Theoretically, you can sail her by yourself. But be careful near those steps and, if you have one, duck beneath the bimini. The boom is high, especially on the 450F, so you shouldn’t need it if your mast track is well oiled, but it’s good to have the alternative.

Quick Notes

For the price, the Lagoon 450 is a catamaran of the greatest calibre. It has adequate room and fits well enough to support family-sized crews or long-distance travelling. The Lagoon 450 is a great option for chartered operation since it strikes a nice combination between price, comfort, and performance.

If you’re looking for a used sailboat for sale, check out the Bluewater sailboat data and specs to make an informed decision. Ocean Wave Sail has data for over 10000+ boats that can help you select one to meet your sailing needs.

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