Bluewater Sailboat – Rustler 44


The Bluewater Sailboat Rustler 44 is a welcome addition to the pantheon of traditional blue sea sailing yachts since it is strong, cozy, and wonderfully well-behaved.

The company has a history of building boats that go on to become design classics, therefore Rustler yachts have always had a unique personality. The Rustler 44, a fast blue water cruiser with remarkable performance and spectacular comfort, was created by Stephen Jones.

When travelling, accommodations are made to ensure safety and comfort. While sailing to the designated location, an elevated chart table provides a good view in all directions. The elevated saloon area, which provides a panoramic view once you enter, complements this. The 44’s interior maintains a light, airy vibe throughout; a large galley, two seating spaces, and roomy cabins make entertaining and harbor life a dream come true.

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Rustler 44
Rustler 44
  • Length Overall: 13.50m / 44ft 6in
  • Length Waterline: 11.04m / 36ft 4in
  • Beam: 4.20m / 13ft 9in
  • Draft: 2.10m/ 6ft 11in
  • Ballast: 4900kg/ 10780lbs
  • Displacement: 13700kg/ 30140lbs
  • Air draught: 19.6m/ 64ft 4in
  • Sail area: 92.25sq m/ 990sq ft
  • Water: 730ltr/ 160gal


Rustler Yachts stand out thanks to their premium construction and chic, functional Sailboat designs. Every surface, contour, and detail embodies quality. Many clients want to be engaged in the design process from the beginning so that they may personally shape the yacht’s specification, interior arrangement, and overall aesthetic. Rustler’s attention to detail, the fit, and the finish are as excellent as they can be.

The core of Rustler’s concept is a strong dedication to creating yachts that are really one-of-a-kind in terms of appearance, design, and performance.

The Rustler 44 is extremely powerful. Lay-up is done by hand, and layers of quadraxial rovings offer strength in addition to the normal woven rovings. For strength and to disperse rig and keel loadings, full-length stringers and transverse frames are laminated to the hull sides and bottom. The furniture has a satisfyingly solid air because it is constructed on wood bases, a labor-intensive technique only used by limited volume manufacturers. All joinery is done by hand to Rustlers’ exceptionally high standards.

Above Deck

Balsa is sandwiched between the coachroof and deck, with ply or aluminium backing pads used for the bases of the winches, the sheet tracks, and other deck fittings. The superstructure moulding is fitted onto a flange on the hull, then bonded and through-bolted. It has an L-shaped up-stand at the deck edge. A massive teak toe cap-rail is placed on top of the up-stand to provide a robust moulded bulwark. The hull and the superstructure are both glassed to the structural bulkheads.

Safety is a top emphasis on deck. The deep, roomy cockpit is led aft where all controls are located. Even when sailing alone, all lines come effortlessly to hand.

Below Deck

With a sweet sheerline, attractive overhangs, a modest topside height, and a relatively low cabin top, the Rustler 44 is a handsome aft cockpit yacht. In terms of safety and manoeuvrability, a long fin keel combined with a massive skeg-hung rudder offers a great deal of comfort. Interior design plans can be modified to meet owner needs. The cutter rig is the typical design above deck, though there are various possibilities.

This Bluewater Sailboat has a roomy, open-concept saloon that was stylishly created for comfort below decks. Eight people can pleasantly sit at the huge, exquisitely crafted saloon table. The inside of the Rustler 44 is roomy. Living in the harbour is ideal for parties because it has a galley and two seating spaces. While sailing, an elevated chart table provides good views, which are supplemented by views from the raised saloon area.

The housing is functional but stylish and created for people to live in safety and comfort while travelling. Large cabins make it comfortable to live aboard.


Every Bluewater Rustler is designed to withstand the roughest waves, to take care of her crew, and to motivate every yachtsman with blue ocean ambitions. Many Rustlers are used for long-distance trips because of their difficult weather qualities. The Rustler 44’s modern sail design makes it simple for two people to operate. Its excellent performance and comfortable motion when underway make long-distance passagemaking simple.

The Rustler 44 is a welcome addition to the ranks of traditional bluewater cruising yachts since it is strong, cozy, and wonderfully well-behaved. Excellent performance along with comfortable motion when underway will make long-distance travel simple.

Rustler yachts are designed to withstand the worst of the prevailing seas and always have a unique personality. Many Rustlers are used for long-distance trips because of their heavy weather characteristics. This elegant aft cockpit yacht has a lovely sheer line, attractive overhangs, a moderate topside height, and a reasonably low cabin top. A skeg-hung rudder and a long fin keel provide excellent safety assurance.

Quick Notes

The Rustler 44 is a boat that is definitely best suited for seasoned and discerning sailors. For serious blue water cruising, she is designed to the finest standards and offers performance, longevity, comfort, and value for the money.
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