Bluewater Sailboat – Sunbeam 37


The Bluewater Sailboat Sunbeam 37 has always been kept in great condition. In terms of material quality and workmanship, Sunbeam Yachts are regarded as being very well-built and setting a very high standard. The boat has been modified with various additions, including a bow thruster, two electric primary winches, and electric bow and stern anchor windlasses. The cockpit has a fixed spray hood, and a Bimini, and is roomy and secure.

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  • Length: 11,3 m
  • Beam: 3,85 m
  • Draft: 1,90 m
  • Displacement: 7500 Kg
  • Total length: 11,3 m
    • Beam: 3,85 m
    • Standard draft: 1,90 m
    • Displacement: 7500 Kg
    • Ballast: 2500 Kg
    • Water capacity: 350 L
    • Construction material: Fibreglass


    Sunbeam boats have been attractive, sleek-looking, and well-built for more than 60 years on the shore of Lake Mattsee, close to Salzburg, Austria, and the 36.1 is no exception. Its sleek coachroof, alluring sheer, and sporty lines offer her a timeless, classic appeal that is pleasing to the eye.

    The design is rather dated in many ways. She has a single aft cabin, a conventional cockpit design, and a moderately conservative beam. With recessed hatches, covered control lines, and a sail plan that is designed for cruising, she is unique and modern in other ways.

    Below Deck

    There are two design options for the interior: Elegance and Avant-Garde. The latter is trendier and had more vibrant colours; ours was the former, which had more classic styling. Other than that, the layouts are the same. Large windows and skylights make the inside light and airy despite the dark wood. There are only three tiny hatches for ventilation. The twin-leaf table has no fiddles but is sturdy in construction.

    The starboard side of the two settees is just 1.65m (5ft 5in) long to provide room for the navigator, even though they are straight and perfect for sea beds. The backboard, to which the seatback cushions are permanently fastened, opens upward to provide a wider, tapering berth. But, not much more than a compressed sleeping bag will be left behind.

    There are several lockers, however they are shallow, and only the starboard settee bin is available for storage due to a water tank under the port side. Strong handrails by the companionway and by the portlights on either side make it safe and simple to walk around below when the ship is moving.

    With a two-ring cooker/oven, an 80-litre top-loading fridge, and a sizable single sink, this L-shaped galley is amply furnished. The stylish Corian-style worktop covers the entire space. The sink has a hinged lid that, when opened, adds greater workspace at the expense of a fiddle on the worktop’s inboard edge. What fiddles there are, in my opinion, are also too low to be used at sea.

    Storage is good in divided drawers and lockers, and there is a bin just for gashes. With spotlights overhead and a small hatch above for ventilation, the area is kept bright by the long portlight.


    Many Skilled Sailors Compare the SUNBEAM 37’s Performance and Qualities to SWAN Yachts. This Outstanding Sailing Boat Displays the Best in Engineering and Design from a Reputable European Manufacturer Who Has Been Producing High-Quality Sailing Yachts Since 1950.

    37 Sunbeam, A high-quality, comfortable blue water cruiser that is equally appropriate for touring the Mediterranean and coast-hopping. Suitable for seasonal or live-aboard sailor. Strong and versatile, this boat is suitable for people who want to live aboard for extended periods of time. It has an inboard engine, a full complement of batteries, and solar or shore power for charging. A perfect yacht for people wishing to spend extended periods of time onboard, it is spacious, comfortable, and built to the standard one would expect from the builders.

    Quick Notes

    The difference between an average yacht and the Bluewater SUNBEAM 37 is not just in the big items. It is also clear in a lot of minute details. The implementation of the centre cockpit configuration is one example. The yacht nevertheless has athletic lines even if the corridor to the aft cabin has a comfortable headroom of about 1.80m.
    The SUNBEAM 37’s exceptional cruising capabilities are made possible by its extremely low centre of gravity, low coach roof, great sail carrying capacity, and ideal control ergonomics above and below deck. The excellent steering reaction while moving backwards makes harbour manoeuvring much easier. The boat has a smooth motion and excellent course-holding capabilities even in turbulent waters thanks to the fine keel, which effortlessly slices through the waves.

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