Bluewater Sailboat – Yamaha 37


The Bluewater Sailboat Yamaha 37 is a fiberglass masthead sloop that measures 37.08 feet long and has been produced by Yamaha since 1983.

A somewhat sized yacht with good performance is the Yamaha 37. It is stiff and solid; if it capsizes, it has an excellent righting ability. It is ideal for coastal cruising. The initial fuel capacity is minimal. The water supply range is limited.

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  • Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg
  • Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop
  • LOA: 37.08 ft / 11.30 m
  • LWL: 29.08 ft / 8.86 m
  • Beam: 11.83 ft / 3.61 m
  • S.A. (reported): 655.00 ft2 / 60.85 m2
  • Draft (max): 6.58 ft / 2.01 m
  • Displacement: 14,330 lb / 6,500 kg
  • Ballast: 5,622 lb / 2,550 kg
  • S.A./Disp.: 17.83
  • Bal./Disp.: 39.23
  • Disp./Len.: 260.14
  • Construction: FG
  • First Built: 1983
  • Builder: Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. (JAP)
  • Designer: Yamaha Design team


The Yamaha 37 is a fibreglass sailboat that was created by Yamaha’s design team and manufactured by Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. in the early 1980s. The Yamaha 37’s cockpit is roomy and comfortable, giving the crew plenty of freedom to manoeuvre around. The Bluewater sailboat has a fin keel, which increases its manoeuvrability but decreases its direction stability when compared to a boat with a long keel. It can only be used in large marinas due to its draught, which ranges from 2.01 to 2.11 metres (6.59 to 6.89 feet) depending on the load. A typical inboard Yanmar 3GMF diesel engine gives the boat a maximum speed of about 4.7 knots with a power output of 20.0 horsepower (14 kW). The fuel tank can hold 151 litres of petrol (39 US gallons). The Yamaha 37 is an all-around dependable and low-maintenance yacht that is ideal for extended sailing seasons.

Below Deck

A navigation station on the port side, an aft bunk with an opening port, a galley on the starboard side, a couch, a dinette with a seat, a larger head, and a larger v-berth are all features of the Yamaha 37’s interior layout. The construction and furnishings of the yacht demonstrate that it was created to order with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials. Three hanging lockers and a wet locker are among the many storage spaces on the boat. Under the companionway is where the engine is placed.

This Bluewater sailboat’s rigging is robust, with 1″ diameter stainless steel rods connecting the four chainplates that are integrated into the knee of the hull, 5/8 lower shrouds, and substantial hardware. There are seven winches, including two Lewmar 48 three-speed primary winches, one enormous Maxwel windlass, and a beautiful quadrant. The settee can be made into a double bed, but the dinette is immovable.


With a capsize screening value of 1.95, the Yamaha 37 is a bluewater sailboat that provides stability and safety during ocean races. The boat’s theoretical maximum hull speed is 7.2 knots, and its immersion rate is around 214 kg per centimetre or 1200 lb per inch. This means that if the boat was loaded with 214 kg or 1200 lb of cargo, it would sink by 1 cm or 1 inch, respectively. With a Motion Comfort Ratio of 26.0, the boat is more pleasant than 38% of sailboat designs that are comparable. It is more spacious than 62% of other comparable designs thanks to the L/B ratio of 3.13. As a result of the 39% ballast ratio, the righting moment is greater than the 46% of sailboat designs that are comparable. The boat is classified as a “light cruiser & offshore racer” by the DL-ratio of 260 and has a heavier displacement than 46% of all comparable sailboat designs.

Quick Notes

The Yamaha 37, an 11.3 m monohull Bluewater sailboat made by Yamaha starting in 1983, has a high rating and is ranked in the top quarter. It was designed by the Yamaha Design Team. It is a wise choice.

Nevertheless, the design doesn’t have enough opening ports. It could be conceivable to think about creating opening inserts in the larger two ports, similar to the design seen in vintage Beneteau boats, if the side glass is changed. Despite this, the boat is remarkably nimble and has a high top speed.

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