Sailboat Galley – Best Keto Chili

Chili has always been a cool-weather staple. Then I became diabetic a little over a year ago and learned that beans were totally off limits as were any quantity of tomatoes over one slice (or two cherry tomatoes). I follow a very low-carb way of eating (generally 12 to 15 grams of carbs — total, not net — per day).

The good news is that my blood sugar is in excellent control — you can read more about how this allows me to lead the life I wish in Cruising with Diabetes. So my old chili recipe was totally off-limits.

There’s almost nothing more satisfying than a big bowl of chili on a cold winter day. And this low-carb chili recipe will be your favorite comfort food for any evening you want to warm up with a hot, delicious meal.

So, what if your favorite chili recipe is high-carb? Not to worry, there are three major ways to make any chili recipe low-carb, gluten-free, and delicious. Even without the beans.

Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

10 mins

Total Time

15 mins


8 sailors


How to prepare it:

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.  Batter will be thick but not stiff.  As flour can vary a bit, add a few drops of milk if it’s too stiff.
  • Preheat the base of the Omnia over high heat for three minutes while doing the next step.
  • Grease the food pan with a little vegetable oil or dab of butter or margarine.  Drop the biscuits by equal spoonfuls, spacing them out evenly around the pan.  Place the lid on the pan.
  • Place the pan on the Omnia base and leave the burner set at high for one minute.  Then turn the burner down to medium and bake for 9 minutes.  The tops of the biscuits will not be brown, but they will look cooked.  If you’re not sure if they’re done, quickly stick a knife into the center of one — there should not be any raw dough on it when removed.
  • Serve hot!
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