Sailboat Galley – Lemon Squid

Lemon squid is a fish-based second course that is simple and quick to prepare. A light and delicate seafood dish. It is easy to make: you’ll need to pay particular attention when cleaning the squid, a fundamental step in making sure this recipe is a success. It is also important not to underestimate cooking.

Lemon squid briefly for a few seconds or braise it long enough for it to toughen and then become tender again. A popular method for quick cooking is to cut the bodies into rounds, coat them in bread, and deep-fry. Stir-frying and sautéing also work well. The bodies may also be left whole, stuffed, and braised in the oven.

Lemon squid is generally considered a safe food in moderation. The main health risks of squid and shellfish come from their mercury levels and allergies. As with any shellfish, squid carries a risk of allergic reaction. A substance called tropomyosin is the likely culprit.


OceanWaveSail Galley-Lemon squid

Prep Time

20 mins

Cook Time

5 mins

Total Time

25 mins


How to prepare it:

  • To prepare lemon squid, start with the cleaning. Separate the tentacles from the body and thoroughly empty the insides, remove the bone too. Now delicately remove the skin too 1. Now for the tentacles: remove the beak in the middle 2 and the eyes 3.
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water and dab with some kitchen paper 4. Now that you have cleaned all the squid 5 you can start cooking. Grease and thoroughly heat a tray. Place the squid on it 6, without overlapping. Cook in two batches if necessary.
  • Grill the squid thoroughly for 2-3 minutes per side, turn them over when nice and golden 7. The squid will be ready when the white turns opaque and the grill lines are distinctly golden 8. In the meantime, grate the lemon peel 9.
  • Squeeze out the juice to 10, you’ll need around a quarter of a cup. Finely chop the parsley 11. Now place the oil and the white wine in a bowl 12.
  • Add the parsley, lemon peel, salt, pepper, and juice 13. Emulsify with a whisk 14, sprinkle over the hot squid 15, and serve immediately.

Grilled squid is best enjoyed freshly made.


Use a cast iron grill or an electric plate for cooking. 

Instead of parsley, you can also use chives, fresh oregano, or aromatic herbs.

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