When it comes to Sailing in Morocco, it is a hidden gem, with its breathtaking coastline providing a variety of possibilities for sailing enthusiasts. Morocco boasts a wide variety of sailing locations that offer a special fusion of culture, history, and adventure, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Every sailor can find something to enjoy in Morocco, regardless of experience level.

Many international sailors opt to live abroad and experience the country’s numerous sailing sites, therefore yachts and sailboats are a typical sight in the marinas of Moroccan coastal cities. Modern marinas in the nation can handle a variety of boats, from little sailboats to luxurious yachts, making it a great place for sailors of all skill levels to visit.

Morocco’s sailing locations provide a lot of data on wind patterns, currents, and meteorological conditions for anyone interested in sailboat data. Understanding the local sailing conditions is essential for a safe and pleasurable sailing trip, whether you’re planning a day sail or a longer voyage. Morocco is quickly rising to the top of the list of the world’s most popular sailing destinations thanks to its combination of contemporary infrastructure and breathtaking natural scenery.

Top 10 Sailing Destinations in Morocco

Morocco is quickly gaining popularity as a sailing destination thanks to its diverse cultural heritage, lively markets, and beautiful coastline. The nation is home to a number of gorgeous ports and marinas that are perfect for sailors of all skill levels, from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean Sea. The top 9 sailing locations in Morocco are discussed in this article.


The Moroccan city of Tangier, which sits near the country’s northernmost point, is a favorite place for sailors to launch their voyages. It is a thriving port city with an intriguing fusion of Moroccan and European traditions. A contemporary marina in Tangier can hold vessels of various sizes. Sailors can sail from Tangier to the breathtaking Strait of Gibraltar, which divides Europe from Africa.

In addition to its advantageous position, Tangier is renowned for its enthralling history and culture. The Dar el Makhzen castle and the Kasbah Museum are only two of the historical landmarks that can be seen in the city’s medina (old town).


Essaouira is a picturesque port city that is well-liked by sailors and windsurfers. It is situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The community boasts a modern marina with all the amenities needed for sailors. The protected harbour of Essaouira is a favorite sailing location for sailors of all skill levels.

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Essaouira is renowned for its laid-back ambiance and thriving arts scene in addition to Sailing in Morocco. The town’s medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visitors can explore it to learn more about the distinctive fusion of Moroccan and Portuguese architecture. The Gnaoua World Music Festival, which draws thousands of tourists each year, is one of the music festivals that Essaouira is well known for.


Sailing is a popular activity in Agadir, which is a well-liked seaside location on Morocco’s southern coast. A contemporary marina in the city can handle vessels of various sizes. The beautiful beaches along Agadir’s coastline include the well-known Taghazout Beach, which is renowned for its exceptional surfing conditions.

Agadir is renowned not only for its beaches but also for its vibrant nightlife and gastronomic scene. Visitors can browse the city’s numerous eateries and pubs, which provide a variety of Moroccan and other cuisines. The adjacent Souss-Massa National Park, which is home to various unusual species of flora and fauna, can also be explored from Agadir.


On the Atlantic coast of Western Sahara, Dakhla is a well-liked vacation spot for sailors wanting a more challenging Sailing in Morocco adventure. The magnificent lagoon in the city’s contemporary marina is ideal for kite- and windsurfing, and it can accommodate boats of all sizes. Visitors may explore the city’s distinctive fusion of Sahrawi and Berber traditions in Dakhla, which is also renowned for its rich culture and history.

Dakhla provides guests with a wide range of activities besides Sailing in Morocco. Due to the lagoon’s distinctive bird population, the city is a well-liked spot for birdwatchers. In addition, visitors can take in the local desert scenery and typical Sahrawi hospitality.


Mohammedia is a well-liked sailing location that provides a variety of services for sailors. It is situated on the Atlantic coast close to Casablanca. Due to its accessibility from Casablanca and its new port, the city is a great place to launch your exploration of Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

Mohammedia has a lot of additional tourist attractions than just Sailing in Morocco. Beaches in the city are great for swimming and tanning, and restaurants there serve a variety of Moroccan and other cuisines. Visitors can also visit the surrounding Benslimane forest, which is home to a number of rare species of both plants and animals.


Sailing aficionados love to visit Oualidia, a picturesque fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast halfway between Essaouira and Casablanca. The marina in the community is well-equipped and can handle boats of all sizes. Its protected lagoon is ideal for beginners.

Oualidia has a wide range of activities available for guests to enjoy besides Sailing in Morocco. Due to the lagoon’s unusual bird population, the town is a well-liked spot for birdwatchers. The town’s restaurants and cafes offer traditional Moroccan hospitality, and visitors can also explore the neighboring sand dunes.

Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima, a picturesque village on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, provides a variety of sailing aficionados with chances. The marina in the community has space for boats of all kinds, and the protected harbor is ideal for those learning to sail.

Al Hoceima has a lot of additional activities than sailing to offer tourists. The town’s beaches are ideal for swimming and tanning, and its eateries provide a variety of Moroccan and other cuisines. Additionally accessible are the Rif Mountains, which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area and the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous ancient landmarks, including as the 16th-century Kasbah and the Punic-Roman site of Tamuda Bay, may be found in Al Hoceima. Al Hoceima has activities for everyone, whether you’re searching for a leisurely sailing vacation or an action-packed weekend.


The gorgeous town of Tétouan, which is situated on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, provides a variety of chances for sailors. A great place to start exploring Morocco’s northern coast is the town’s marina, which can handle boats of all kinds and is close to the Rif Mountains.

In addition to sailing, Tétouan has a variety of additional tourist activities. The town’s beaches are ideal for swimming and tanning, and its medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a fascinating look into the area’s rich history and culture. Additionally accessible to visitors is the Talassemtane National Park, which offers breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings.

Jadida El

For sailors looking for a mix of excitement and pleasure, El Jadida, which is situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast south of Casablanca, is a well-liked resort. A variety of water sports, such as windsurfing and kiteboarding, are available on the town’s beaches and in its contemporary marina, which can handle boats of all sizes.

El Jadida provides guests with a wide range of activities besides Sailing in Morocco. Several historical sites, including the Portuguese Cistern and the Church of the Assumption, may be found in the town’s UNESCO-listed medina. The neighboring Oualidia Lagoon, which is well-known for its oyster farms and stunning scenery, can also be explored by visitors. There is something for everyone at El Jadida, whether you want a leisurely sailing vacation or an action-packed tour.

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