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Sailing boats

50 Popular Liveaboard Sailboats to Choose From!

A liveaboard sailboat is a type of boat that is designed and equipped for long-term living aboard. These boats are typically larger than traditional sailboats and have more amenities to make them comfortable for extended stays. Liveaboard sailboats may have features such as a spacious interior, multiple sleeping cabins, a

Sailing Malaysia between wonderful blue water

Sailing Destinations in Malaysia: TOP 8

Sailing in Malaysia has been gaining popularity over the years, with its numerous sailing destinations attracting sailors from all over the world. Malaysia boasts of having over 4,000 kilometers of coastline, pristine waters, and a tropical climate, making it an ideal location for sailing enthusiasts. In this article, we will

Sailing in Indonesia

Sailing Destinations in Indonesia: Sail Away to Paradise

Stunning natural beauty, a rich cultural history, and gorgeous landscapes are all gifts to the nation of Indonesia. Indonesia is a sanctuary for sailors wishing to explore clean waterways, remote coves, and tropical islands because it has over 17,000 islands. Indonesia has a variety of attractions, from the serene waters

Sailing a fjord in Norway

Top 9 MUST-VISIT Sailing destinations in Norway

Hello, sailors! Norway is the ideal location for you if you’re looking for a marine experience. Norway boasts some of the best sailing locations in the world due to its deep, confined inlets, rocky cliffs, and breathtaking natural landscape. Sailing destinations in Norway provides a range of sailing options for

Helsinki Finland Sailing

Sailing Destinations in Finland: Exploring the Archipelagos and Lakes

In Finland, sailing is a well-liked hobby for both natives and visitors. There are many places to sail to, including thousands of islands and islets, breathtaking natural scenery, and lovely coastal towns and villages. Sailing in Finland is a terrific opportunity to tour the nation and get a taste of

Sailing in Sweden in Baltic Sea

Sailing Destinations in Sweden: Discover the Beauty with Adventures

Sweden is the ideal location for sailing boats, sailboats, sailing yachts, and catamarans due to its extensive coastline, innumerable islands, and a profusion of lakes. Sailing aficionados can have an experience like no other because of the nation’s breathtaking natural beauty and distinctive cultural attractions. Sailing Destinations in Sweden offer plenty


30 of the Most Popular Sailing Marinas in the Bahamas!

The Bahamas is a popular destination for sailors, with its clear turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, and abundance of secluded anchorages. The country is made up of more than 700 islands and cays, offering a vast range of sailing opportunities. The best time to sail in the Bahamas is from November

Moored sailing yacht in France harbor

43 French Riviera Marinas for a Great Sailing Adventure!

Sailing the French Riviera is a popular and glamorous experience, with its stunning coastline, warm climate, and numerous marinas offering easy access to nearby towns and attractions. The region is known for its lively atmosphere, luxurious lifestyle, and stunning natural beauty, with a wide range of activities and experiences available

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, Sailing

41 British Virgin Islands Sailboat Marinas !

BVI is one of the main sailing destinations in the Caribbean. Here is a list of some of the sailboat marinas in the British Virgin Islands, along with a brief description of each, ideal for a sailing holiday, a sailing adventure and a sailing pause: Nanny Cay Marina – Located

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Sailing boats

The 10 Best Known Sailboat Brands Worldwide in Each Category

Which are the Best Known Sailboat Brands worldwide ? There are many well-known sailboat brands worldwide, and the best-known brands will depend on personal preference and sailing experience. However, here are some of the most recognized and popular sailboat brands: Beneteau – A French sailboat manufacturer that produces a range

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Sailing boats

15 Great South African Sailing Yachts Manufacturers

South Africa has a rich sailing culture, with a long history of sailing that dates back to the early days of European colonization. Today, sailing is a popular recreational activity in South Africa, with a strong community of sailors and sailing clubs located throughout the country. One of the unique

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Sailing boats

Which are the 10 Most Affordable Bluewater Sailboats?

Which are the 10 most affordable bluewater sailboats? Determining the most affordable bluewater sailboats can be a subjective exercise, as it depends on factors such as the age, condition, and location of the boats. However, based on my research, here are ten popular bluewater sailboats that are generally considered affordable:

Sailboats are better
Sailing boats

45 Chinese Sailing Boat Yards producing for China and Worldwide!

China is a main sailboat manufacturing hub, including worldwide notorious brands. Here is a list of 45 of the main Chinese sailing yards: Amel Yachts – Based in France with a manufacturing facility in China, Amel Yachts produces high-end bluewater cruising sailboats Bavaria Yachts China – Founded in 1978, Bavaria

Sailing boats

Taiwan Sailing Boat Manufacturers of the past 100 Years

These are just a few of the many sailboat manufacturers that have operated in Taiwan over the past century. Taiwan has a long history of boatbuilding and has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, seaworthy sailboats. Here is a list of some of the most notable Taiwan sailboat manufacturers of

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Sailing boats

French Sailing Yacht Manufacturers of the past 100 Years!

France is certainly the most prolific and important nation in terms of sailing, especially sailboats production. Here is a list of French sailboat manufacturers that have been active over the past 100 years, along with a brief description of each company’s history and current status: Jeanneau – Founded in 1957,

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