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6 Ways and Resources of Boat Tracking

Sailing is a thrilling activity since it gives one a sense of freedom and adventure. The open water beckons with its promise of exploration and discovery, whether you’re taking a coastal cruise or setting out on an ocean voyage. As exciting as sailing is, there are duties that go along


How to Buy the Best Beginner Sailboat?

Sailing is an alluring activity because it offers the possibility of independence on the broad sea and the rush that comes from using the wind. You’re in for a gratifying experience if you’ve made the decision to start this trip and purchase your first yacht. To ensure a smooth start


Navigational Charts – How to read them?

The unsung heroes of every sailor’s voyage are their navigational charts. These painstakingly drawn waterway maps serve as the foundation for safe and effective sailing. Learning to read navigational charts is essential whether you’re cruising down a tranquil coastline or taking on a thrilling bluewater voyage. The ever-improving electronic charts

OceanWaveSail updates

How to Anchor a Boat?

One of the key abilities you must acquire before setting sail on your boat, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a long-distance trip, is how to anchor a boat. While you’re out on the water, properly anchoring your boat ensures your security, stability, and tranquility. We’ll walk you through


Sailing Basics: Practical Steps to Learn Sail

Are you attracted to the sea’s call, seduced by the prospect of sailing into the distance, and enthralled by the sailing lifestyle? If so, you are not by yourself. Many people have this dream in which they see themselves at the helm of a sailboat, enjoying the excitement of the


Cruising Lifestyle – Expectations vs. Reality

For many people, living the ocean cruising lifestyle is the ultimate goal. It’s difficult to resist the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with the thought of setting sail across azure oceans, discovering far-off shores, and living at sea. The reality of the ocean cruising lifestyle, however, frequently manifests


How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Go?

Have you ever pondered “How fast does a cruise ship go?” while standing on a cruise ship’s deck and looking out at the great ocean? Many people have this thought on their minds when they set out on their maritime travels; it is a query motivated by the need to


Sail Guide for Bluewater Cruiser Catamaran

Ever set sail on a catamaran, eyes on the endless horizon, only to wonder, “Which sails are best for my Bluewater Cruiser Catamaran?” That familiar quest for the perfect canvas to harness the wind guides many a sailor. In the vast ocean of sail options, finding your course can be


Sailing Basics: Parts of the Sail

The sail is a sailboat’s lifeblood; it is the component that captures the wind’s energy and moves the craft smoothly through the sea. To learn the art of sailing, it is essential to comprehend the numerous parts that make it up. We will examine each component of the sail and


Sailing Basics: Parts of Sail Boat

Sailboats are fascinating ships that have traveled the waves of the world for ages, taking daring explorers, adventurers, and dreamers to far-off places. Understanding the basic parts of a sail boat is crucial to mastering the art of sailing, whether you are an experienced sailor or a curious newbie. With


7 Sailing Knots and How to Tie Them

The universe of sailing knots is wide, intricate, and full of possibilities, much like staring up at the night sky when navigating it. In this blog, we’ll learn why these fundamental sailing knots are the foundations of maritime knowledge and how to tie them. Each of these knots has a

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Blue water Boats vs Coastal Cruisers

For any sailor, picking the right sailboat is a crucial decision that starts with the following basic inquiry: Blue water boats or coastal cruisers? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to sort through the important distinctions and identify the boat that best fulfills your sailing fantasies. We’ll

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Top 5 Ocean Boats for Bluewater Cruising

The world of ocean cruising requires ships that combine flawless structural integrity with uncompromising performance. Selecting the appropriate ocean boats is crucial when it comes to bluewater sailing, where the vast ocean entices with its charm and difficulties. With the support of sailing boat data, we will examine the top

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Best Bluewater Yachts Under 100K

By “blue water yachts,” we mean a particular class of sailboats that are built and intended for extended offshore cruising. These boats are built to survive the rigors of open ocean trips, allowing sailors to confidently explore distant locations. Inexpensive blue water yachts are particularly appealing to prospective explorers and

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A Guide on Blue water Boating

Blue water boating is a remarkable voyage into the open sea and is frequently considered the apex of sailing and boating experiences. In this universe, the voyage holds equal significance as the final destination, as the immensity of the ocean blends with the attraction of infinite vistas. Types of Blue

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