Boaters who know how to interpret and use sail boat data are at a significant advantage when on the water. Whether you’re an experienced skipper or a novice just starting out, understanding your sail boat data will help you navigate complex waters with ease and make your boating experience more enjoyable. Especially when looking for sailboats for sale.

What is Sail Boat Data?

Sail boat data is the information collected from onboard system sensors that track a variety of real-time metrics. This data can tell you how your boat is performing and her main features and dimensions, and allow you to optimize your choices should be deciding which sailboat to buy or compare different options of sailing yachts. Typical measurements include overall length, draft, beam, sail area, boat speed, capsize ration, comfort ratio, and many others. In fact you will find in our sailboat data section a great number of parameters to evaluate each sailboat and compare them easily.

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