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Oceanwavesail.com is the world biggest sailing boat database and contains detailed information on most sailing boat architects and designers, dating back to the XIX century.

It contains dynamic and easy to use search features, with many filters, to shortlist the designers that specifically fit your criteria.

Here you will find all kinds of information regarding designers of larger ocean-going yachts, Bluewater sailing boats, costal cruisers, dinghies, catamarans, schooners, performers and racers, monohulls and multihulls, small and big, large and narrow, tall and short, central cockpit or aft, ketch, sloop or yawls, and most boats produced in the last 150 years. You will find the yacht specifications, images and layouts, hints and tips, reviews and much more that they have made.
The database is constantly expanded and checked, to reach a greater accuracy by the week.

We are constantly reviewing the market and the history of the sailing world, to gather more accurate and meaningful information about each of the designers. We constantly review the data shared with you, so it becomes more accurate and fully reflecting the designers history and, if still operating, present details.

Oceanwavesail.com is handled professionally behind the scenes by a team of sailing passionate fervents and data professionals, that soon will make available more sophisticated tools to analyse market opportunities and boats to help orient your needs towards the right targets.

You will also find several and growing sections on sailing boats under the Explore Page, such as the one entirely dedicated to Bluewater Sailing boats, with comments and tips.

The Bluewater Sailboats page is the most complete collection available and is still growing by the week.

More and more contents are added every week, expanding further what is already available: more data, more notes, more details and more information in general of every single boat on the market, of the present and of the past.

The number of filters and selector that you will find, all immediately reactive, is very significant; just select your designer, and below them the shortlist of their designed sailing boats will show immediately. Each of the sailing boats of the list has a Detail button to allow you to drill down on the details of each, including images and plans, where available.

In short, we are aiming to provide you with the most comprehensive designers’ database you could find anywhere, the most accurate and the most complete. It is free to use, constantly updated and you will find it hopefully useful.

We have added in the EXPLORE (link) section of this oceanwavesail.com website a set of tools to help you calculate some of the main sailing and sailboat ratios easily and by yourself, as well as other tools and information that we think could be useful if you live aboard, sail, or are just curious about sailing boats in general.

If you love sailing and sailing boats, Oceanwavesail.com is the place for you: complete and accurate as no one else as well as live and constantly updated, improved, and maintained.