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Antares Yachts

  • Builder: Antares Yachts
  • Builder Country: Canada
  • Builder Address: 400 Dundas St. W., Suite 201 Whitby
  • Builder Website: www.liveantares.com
  • Builder Phone: +1 904 506 8794‬
  • Description: Originally located in Canada, then moved to Argentina. Antares Yachts 400 Dundas St. W., Suite 201 Whitby. Antares completely redesigned the cockpit, increasing space, increasing window sizes, and adding streamlined seating that is easier to lounge, without compromising excellent helm position or the ability to manage all lines in the cockpit easily. The Antares 44 GT and Antares 44 Hybrid both share the same design and have new upgrades to the cockpit, electrical systems, increased ventilation inside, etc. However, there are some significant differences – the largest is ‘how’ the boat is powered. It’s never easy buying a new boat. There are many options, price points, sales pitches, and choices. Antares goal is to educate customers on the critical components required to safely and comfortably sail around the world. The better educated you become, the better decisions you will make. Antares is proud of its history and is confident in its position as the world’s best liveaboard for a cruising couple or family. Mark Silverstein offers unique expertise, as he leads the sales efforts. He has lived aboard his Antares for over 8 years and sailed more than 40,000 nautical miles in all types of weather conditions. His experience will be invaluable to you as you consider the purchase of your new Antares. Buying an Antares will change your life. Antares wants to make that transition as comfortable, safe, and fun as possible. It takes time to get to know your new boat, be confident docking in tight spaces, and safely navigate reef-speckled islands around the world. Everything is standard on the Antares, including personal assistance, instruction, and mentorship for your new boat.

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