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Betts Boats (James Betts Enterprises, Inc.)

  • Builder: Betts Boats (James Betts Enterprises, Inc.)
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: 416 34th Street, Anacortes, WA 98221
  • Builder Postcode: WA 98221
  • Builder City: Anacortes
  • Builder Website: www.bettsboats.com
  • Builder Phone: (360) 299-2311
  • Description: Founded in 1970, James Betts Enterprises is a second-generation, family-owned boat-building company specializing in the construction of racing and cruising yachts. Notable boats they built have sailed around the world and gone on to compete in prestigious races such as America's Cup, Admiral's Cup, Trans Pac, Around Alone, and Cape 2 Rio. Betts facilities and skilled staff allow completing all jobs at the highest level of quality and performance. Additionally, located north of Seattle Washington where BMW Oracle Racing was built USA 17 and a short distance from Boeing's final assembly plant, it is in the leading hub for technology and manufacturing firms, including Janicki Industries and Hexcel Corporation. For racing as well as cruising boats, they use the latest in 3D CAD software, high-precision CNC milling, state-of-the-art composite technology, and proprietary construction techniques resulting in the most advanced boats on the water. They also work closely with both the customer and designer throughout the build process to ensure all needs are met and satisfaction is realized. With over forty years of experience in the business and a proven track record of quality and performance, James Betts Enterprises is a premier boat-building company and a viable option for anyone considering the custom build process.

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