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Bianca Yachts

  • Builder: Bianca Yachts
  • Builder Country: Denmark
  • Builder Address: Havnepladsen 20, 5900 Rudkøbing
  • Builder Postcode: 5900
  • Builder City: Rudkøbing
  • Builder Website: www.biancayacht.com
  • Builder Phone: 4540164409
  • Description: Bianca was one of the pioneers when fiberglass came to Scandinavia and is today one of Denmark's oldest boatyards, originally founded by Holger Leth Christensen on Stige Ø near Odense where the beautiful mahogany sailboats "Peti" saw the light of day. The name Bianca was originally born in 1964 when the framework on Stige Ø had become too small, and the company moved to Rudkøbing on Langeland. The first Bianca yacht was born here, the now legendary Bianca 27. The Bianca family has since been increased considerably with different boat types such as Bianca Queen motor sails, Bianca 23 motor boat. This was followed by a large number of different sailboats such as Commander 31, Sagitta 35, Bianca 28, Bianca 36 (Little Swan), Bianca 101 Aphrodite, Bianca Riviera, Bianca 414, Bianca 111, Bianca Lido, Bianca 320, Bianca 420, Bianca 107, Bianca 520, Bianca 360 and Bianca 431. Over the years, the Bianca shipyard has led a turbulent existence with different owners and after the last owners closed in 1994, it was succeeded by Holger Leth Christensen's son, Anders Leth Christensen, who at the time ran the boatyard Leths Yachtværft also in Rudkøbing and where the Blue Dane 32, later Blue Leth 32 was built, in 1997 to regain the name Bianca and the following rights, so that you can say that the ring is now closed and Bianca has come home to the family. Bianca Yacht v/Anders Leth Christensen is a repair yard of very high quality and brokerage of used boats.

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