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Bridges Point Boatyard

  • Builder: Bridges Point Boatyard
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: 141 Pine Heath Road Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
  • Builder Postcode: 4609
  • Builder City: Maine
  • Builder Website: www.bridgespointboatcompany.com
  • Builder Phone: 207-664-9094
  • Description: The Bridges Point 24 was designed by Joel White in 1984 for Wade Dow. Wade was looking for a fiberglass daysailer he could put into production to fill the off-season when he wasn’t lobstering. Joel said it should be something beautiful to compete with the mass-produced boats then being built. A few years later the plans were drawn, and soon the first BP24 was shown at the Newport Boat Trials. Wade is not a sailor, but when four 24-footers were sent out with their factory crews, Wade and a friend of his were the crew. Wade recalls that day: “We passed them all, all those professional sailors in their red pants and white shoes. It was entirely the boat’s fault–we sure had nothing to do with it. It was one of those special moments in my life I’ll never forget.” Over the next 25 years, 80 Bridges Point 24s were built at the Bridges Point Boatyard in Brooklin by Wade, his son Forrest, and two other builders. The Bridges Point 24 developed a devoted following, but in 2008 Wade was the only one left working on them, and so stopped building and put the molds into storage. In 2012, Wade approached Jock Williams of John Williams Boat Company to bring the classic design back into production. Although flattered, Jock felt that the focus of his company should remain on lobster yachts. The fate of the molds and the future of the BP24 was in jeopardy. Bill Wright, who oversees the production department and new builds at the JWBCo, had built a BP24 in 2002 and admired its elegant lines. His parents had purchased a BP24 in 2005, and encouraged Bill to take over building the boat they get so much pleasure from. Bill decided to purchase the molds. The Bridges Point Boat Company was born.Wade Dow had found the builder he was looking for. Bill Wright shares Dow’s passion for doing it right. Wade says, “When it’s done right, the whole job flows. If it’s not done right, people who don’t even know will recognize that it’s not right.” Wade will be assisting in the construction of the initial sale and guiding Bill through his methods. It is a collaboration that will see the BP24 reborn, its classic lines augmented with contemporary techniques and quiet, non-polluting electric power. The first few BP24s will be built by the Bridges Point Boat Company, under the wing of the JWBCo in Hall Quarry, with future plans to move the operation into its own facilities.

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