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C - Catamarans

  • Builder: C - Catamarans
  • Builder Country: Italy
  • Builder City: Rome
  • Builder Website: www.c-catamarans.com/
  • Builder Phone: +39 06 658 1437
  • Description: The C-Cat 40Power was conceived thinking of an owner who wanted a boat with an attractive design and high comfort, solidly built and requiring little maintenance. Thanks to its low weight and water lines specially designed to minimize friction, the C-Cat 40Power guarantees a fantastic speed-fuel consumption ratio unattainable with a sailing monohull. The C-Cat 40Power is capable of cruising at 15 knots of speed, powered by two small 90hp inboards, for a total consumption of 14 liters / hour, less than a liter of diesel per mile traveled. The layout of the interiors features innovative elements: the dinette and the cockpit are completely communicating to form a single space, a successful solution already adopted on the sailing sister, the C-Cat 37. The ceiling of the fliyng bridge is specially designed to accommodate a guide for total closure, so as to enclose the entire living area in an open space. The fliyng bridge, which houses the helmsman's console, also houses a relaxation area with a sundeck sofa and table, as well as a fridge and the possibility of a grill. The interior versions can be different, from 2 cabins with 2 bathrooms 2 showers, 3 cabins 2 bathrooms 1 shower, 4 cabins 2 bathrooms. In the owner's version, much of the space has been dedicated to those who want to devote much of their time to life on board, with wardrobes and drawers for storing all kinds of things. The essence of the interior is in natural oak, you can choose from different options, as well as you can customize most of the interior elements, as per the philosophy of the C-Catamaran shipyard.

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