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Chrysler Marine

  • Builder: Chrysler Marine
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: No longer trading
  • Builder Postcode: No longer trading
  • Builder City: No longer trading
  • Builder Website: Now Texas Marine International Inc.
  • Builder Phone: No longer trading
  • Description: Chrysler Corp. had been in the boating industry since 1957, and began building sailboats in the mid 1960's. It bought out a company called Lone Star Boats of Grand Prairie, Texas in 1965. During the 70's the Chrysler sailboat product line expanded from small day-sailors to include larger trailer cruising boats up to 30 feet (designed by Halsey Herreshoff). It's manufacturing facility was located in Plano, TX. When Chrysler experienced financial problems that eventually resulted in a US Government bailout, it sold off all it's marine related subsidiaries. Six executives of the boat building subsidiary purchased the assets and formed Texas Marine International Inc. in Plano, Texas (1980).

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