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Degerö Yachts

  • Builder: Degerö Yachts
  • Builder Country: Finland
  • Builder Address: DEGERÖ BOAT OY (YARD) Mossabackantie 28 FIN-10120 STAR
  • Builder Postcode: 28
  • Builder City: Mossabackantie
  • Builder Website: www.degeroyachts.fi
  • Builder Phone:  +358 500 486 462
  • Description: Risto Kristeri and Seppo Mäkelä founded the Degerö veistätä in 1980. The popularity of Degerö boats is based on solid and high quality. High quality requires know-how, dedication and ambition from its creators. The hulls of Degerö boats are made from start to finish in the best possible way - by carefully laminating by hand. The mark of craftsmanship in the finishing of the interior and exterior parts of Degerö boats, which is the basis of a high-quality whole, is widely recognized around the world and is a source of constant pride for every Degerö boat owner. The goal of the founders of the workshop was and still is to manufacture fine and safe Degerö boats that are of high quality, handmade from the best materials from start to finish. The first, most famous and most produced boat model of the veistämö is the Degerö 28 MS, born in 1980 as a result of the veistämö's own design team. Degerö 28 MS is still in production after small changes made to the hull, especially to improve the boat's sailing characteristics. Other open sea boats in the Degerö collection that offer the comforts of a "Deck Salon (DS)" are the Degerö 331 DS, Degerö 36 DS and Degerö 38 DS. After Veistämö's operations expanded in the 21st century, their core services today also include maintenance and repairs of motor and sailboats, restorations, seasonal docking and sales brokerage . Seasonal docking is possible either indoors or outdoors in the area of ​​the sculpture studio. Put your boat in the hands of professionals with decades of experience in the boat industry.

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