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Helmsman Yachts

  • Builder: Helmsman Yachts
  • Builder Country: Germany
  • Builder Address: Helmsman-Yachts Jan Schümann - Mirowerring 12, 24787 Fockbeck, Germany
  • Builder Postcode: 24787
  • Builder City: Fockbeck
  • Builder Website: www.helmsman-yachts.com
  • Builder Phone: 04331-669828
  • Description: Helmsman was founded in 1973 by Arne Linde, the yacht-designer Hakan Södergrön and captain Lothar Köhler. The company Helmsman Yachtdesign AB was located in Vaxholm / Stockholm. The German market was serviced for Helmsman by the company Flensburger-Yacht-Service Capt. L. Köhler KG. The Helmsman models were elegant and slim Yachts, such as Senorita Helmsman, Lady Helmsman and Lord Helmsman. This program had been complemented by IOR-yachts such as Helmsman ¼ to., Helmsman 31' und Helmsman 35'. Captain Lothar Köhler dealt with Helmsman in the central European area. At the time of 1974 - 1979 appx. 200 yachts had been delivered. In the end of Ende 1979 Captain Lothar Köhler took over the swedish company Helmsman and managed the company in Flenburg/Germany with the new name: Helmsman-Yachts Kapt. L. Köhler KG. The new Helmsman developments then were: Helmsman-Barracuda 35', at that time Germans most successful ¾-tonner and the Helmsman-Queen 55'. Helmsman-Yachts also was orientated to races, but further on they developed slim and timeless yachts without consideration of any measurement-formulas. Also concerning the larger yachts Helmsman-Yachts had the premise, that they could be sailed also by little crews. In this way 2 basic principles for Helmsman had been developed: "fast, timeless and elegant" ; and "the large yachts for little crews". Those based principles Helmsman-Yachts stayed loyal till today and will also keep them in future. Amazingly is the very gracefulness of the yachts in manoeuvres, under sails as well as in harbour-manoeuvres. The sailareas grew more and more, for controlling them also with little crews Helmsman-Yachts developed an furling-reef boom, with all opportunities for trimming for sophisticatedly sailors. It had been tested for 3 years successfully. The last demand for luxurious and comfortable living on board has been fulfilled especially with the new conception of the deck-saloon and the centercockpit versions. The usage of firstclass and selected woods and materials belonged to this concept as well as neatly processions. Tester designated the interior of the yachts with: Solid Elegance. Helmsman yachts guarantee an outstandingly stability in value. The Helmsman-boatyards never have limited their flexibility with serial-production, instead of that individual wishes of customers will be fulfilled. In the year 1991 Helmsman was sold. The buyers didn't have a fortunate hand in leading the company, on the basis of this Helmsman-Yachts have not been too much active on the market. In the year 2001 "Helmsman-Yachts" started their comeback with Kapitän Köhler, Jan Schümann und Dieter Blank -Yachtdesign and a young, dynamic Crew. A new boatyard was founded in Flensburg/Germany. We are able now to present and offer for Helmsman-Yachts the new Helmsman line, the Helmsman-Carrera 46, Carrera 49, and Carrera 61. Das traditional well tried concept, the realization of wishes of customers, will remain. Individual service for each customer is our standard, each customer developes together with us his own, new yacht.

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