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Island Packet Yachts

  • Builder: Island Packet Yachts
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: 1979 Wild Acres RoadLargo
  • Builder Postcode: 33771
  • Builder City: CA
  • Builder Website: ipy.com
  • Builder Phone: +1 (727) 535-6431
  • Description: Each aspect of every Island Packet has been carefully designed and built to maximize the safety and pleasure of the cruising lifestyle. Exclusive design features, proprietary materials technologies, unmatched resale values, and award winning customer service, all combine to make Island Packet Yachts the benchmark for cruising yachts. Today, Island Packet yachts are adding an increased focus on innovation and customization to take Island Packet Yachts forward into The Next Generation. Island Packet yachts want to build YOUR Island Packet Yacht! Island Packet Yachts have long been known for their excellence and value. Under new ownership since January 2017, their commitment to these standards has only increased, as evidenced by Island Packet Yachts’ winning of Cruising World Magazine’s 2019 Boat of the Year Award for their 349 model, and 2021 Boat of the Year Award for their 439 model! Island Packet Yachts has created benchmark standards and built over 2,500 yachts. their owners are part of a group of enthusiastic sailors, who are proud to be part of the Island Packet family. Choosing the right sailing yacht for offshore cruising is exciting. While Island Packet is not a racing yacht per se, we’re honored to be counted among the competition’s best.

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