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Italia Yachts

  • Builder: Italia Yachts
  • Builder Country: Italy
  • Builder Address: VIA DEI GERANI, 25 70026 MODUGNO (BARI) - ITALY
  • Builder Postcode: 70026
  • Builder City: MODUGNO (BARI)
  • Builder Website: www.italiayachts.com
  • Builder Phone: +39 0533 673907
  • Description: Italia Yachts produces boats with a strong identity and recognizability, designed for long voyages and with a timeless style, with a design not inclined to follow fleeting fashions but destined to remain timeless. Each project starts from the search for the perfect balance and the correct balance of volumes, with the aim of obtaining boats characterized by great ease of handling even with a small crew or with the family and with a safe and marine behavior. The great competence of the shipyard's design team, made up entirely of expert sailors, emerges in each Italia Yachts model. The different experiences and skills of each, made available to the designers, bring the development of the product to a level of completeness and maturity that has no equal on the market, with the result of an extraordinary harmony of the hull, deck and sail plan lines. The stern sections are never exaggerated and are designed to limit the wet surface, to the advantage of upwind comfort, counteracting the sinking tendency of the bow and favoring a soft, gradual and comfortable behavior on the wave. The adoption of particularly balanced sail plans and high efficiency appendages extend the framework of the design choices that make Italia Yachts a unique product.

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