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Knysna Yacht Company

  • Builder: Knysna Yacht Company
  • Builder Country: South Africa
  • Builder Postcode: 6570
  • Builder City: KNYSNA
  • Builder Website: www.knysnayachtco.com
  • Builder Phone: +27 (0)82 555 7902
  • Description: More than just yacht builders, we’re passionate ocean explorers ourselves. 18 years ago, Knysna Yacht Company set out to establish a boutique luxury yacht manufacturing business. Since then, we’ve gained an internationally-renowned reputation for building exceptional yachts based on a unique blend of elements – from the rich maritime heritage of their location and formidable Agulhas current on their doorstep to their equally unrelenting passion, ingenuity and craft. The result is their world-class customizable, blue water sailing catamarans. Engineered for stability. Designed for luxury. Destined to unleash the voyager in you. Light, quick, and robust, the Knysna 500SE is the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and performance. Customise the interior to your personal preference and make it truly your home on the high seas with a range of high-quality appliances, beautiful finishes, and fabrics. Fully-equipped as a liveaboard, the 500SE is an international benchmark in catamaran standards. Ideal for adventurous blue water cruising yachtsman the world over. Luxurious and accommodating, the exclusive Knysna 550 is superior craftsmanship at its finest. The added flybridge provides a commanding vantage point leaving more room to configure your dream catamaran interior to your exacting specifications with only the highest-quality finishes. Also available as a cruising power catamaran, the 550 offers the thrill of high-performance sailing at an entirely new level of comfort.

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