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  • Builder: Krona Boats
  • Builder Country: Sweden
  • Builder Address: Stockholmsvägen 34, 182 78 Stock Sound
  • Builder Postcode: 182 78
  • Builder City: Stock Sound
  • Builder Website: www.kronaboats.com
  • Builder Phone: +46 70-614 80 61
  • Description: The 2-krona is a top-class Swedish sailing dinghy that is perfect for the scout camp, the summer cottage, and the racing club. Successful sailor Erik Thorsell developed the boat type in the 80s, and it has been produced continuously since 1991. In 2021, the 2-krona was the largest SM class for multi-hull dinghies. Almost four decades have passed, but the 2-krona has stood the test of time. Krona Varv produce and deliver new dinghies continuously, all year round, through both sunshine and blizzards. The boat and its accessories are manufactured in Sweden, we buy sails from North Sails. Krona Varv is part of the Alleman Group. Alleman strives to be Sweden's most family-friendly company in the boat industry. With its large fleet, events, sailings, transport and assistance assignments and, above all, training as a franchisee for the Maritime School in Stockholm are conducted, among other things. Every year, Alleman trains over a thousand students in navigation, seamanship, safety, machinery, sailing, jet skis, etc. Series production of the 2-krona starts in 1991. The boat quickly begins to be sailed around the country, and boats are shipped not only to the rest of the Nordic countries but also to Germany and China. The rumor about the tactical, tough and pleasant sailing dinghy spreads and in 1997 the 2-kroner is Sweden's best-selling sailboat. A year or so later, the Swedish Sailing Association approves the 2-krona class rules, which is the starting point for the SM in 2-krona. During the 80s, Erik Thorsell began his work with the 2 kroner. In addition to his sailing credentials, Erik also had extensive experience in the industry, with senior management positions at SKF and SAAB in the background. In 1973, when Snipe was the world's largest racing class, Erik took a deserved WC bronze medal. Added to that are countless SC golds in Snipe and Soling, eighth place at the WC in Soling 1982, America's cup project, and more. The list goes on. In 1989, he prototype sailed his self-made 2-krona for the first time.

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