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Kungsörs Båtvarv AB

  • Builder: Kungsörs Båtvarv AB
  • Builder Country: Sweden
  • Builder Address: Fredsgatan 22 736 32 Kungsör
  • Builder Postcode: 736 32
  • Builder City: Kungsör
  • Builder Website: www.kbvarv.se
  • Builder Phone: 0227-101 32
  • Description: The first shipyard in Kungsör was founded by Oscar Schelin in 1914. The following year he helped form Kungsör's sailing society and received an order for the society's first lottery boat, a 22 sq m archipelago cruiser with dimensions 8.70 x 1.63 m. The boat cost SEK 550 to build. O. Schelin was only 19 years old at the time. This was his first "big boat" and the beginning of an endless stream of boats that left Kungsör's shipyard. KSS lottbåt, a 22 sq m archipelago cruiser, was built in an uncle Göran's wagon maker's shed located far from the water and was carried with the help of the society's members through half of Kungsör to Arbogaån to be launched. Rowing boats, small motorboats and raffle boats built for the sailing companies left the wagonmaker's shed in this way, which soon became too crowded. In 1918, Oscar Schelin bought a plot of land and built his own boatyard opposite Kungsudden on a former scrap heap. Despite his youth, he established himself as a boat builder and had three employees. Here, among many other boats, a number of SK 22s designed by KE Sjögren were built. In 1921, Oscar Schelin received a scholarship from the Royal College of Commerce for a two-year education in America. The amount of the scholarship was SEK 1,000 and would be enough for travel and subsistence. SEK 800 was swallowed up by travel expenses. Eight months later, he returned to Kungsör with the judgment: "The Americans were good at series-built boats, but could not measure up to Swedish boat craftsmanship when it came to finish and quality."

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