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Linjett Boats (Rosättra Båtvarv)

  • Builder: Linjett Boats (Rosättra Båtvarv)
  • Builder Country: Sweden
  • Builder Address: Rosättra Boatyard AB Rosättra Varvsväg 57 761 76 Norrtälje
  • Builder Postcode: 761 76
  • Builder City: Norrtälje
  • Builder Website: www.linjett.se
  • Builder Phone: +46 176-766 60
  • Description: Building with quality requires control. That's why Rosättra Boatyard does everything in-house: development, design, plastic, carpentry, production, sales and aftermarket. From mahogany stock to finished interior. In this way, the price can be kept down, but each boat today can be adapted to the customer's wishes and needs. At the same time as craftsmanship is the yard's trademark, advice has become increasingly important. The rapid technological development requires new knowledge about how electricity and electronics should be used on board. And everything to be assembled makes its way into the boat via the downspout. Among other things, it is the attention to detail that contributed to the yard's success. Since Rosättravarvet started in 1886, only two families have been owners for five generations: Jansson and Gustafsson. What they have in common has been enterprise and innovative thinking. And not least that they captured the spirit of the times. By the end of the 19th century, people had started sailing for pleasure. And so it has continued through generational changes, difficulties and joys. This is the story of professional skill and adaptation to changing requirements and of daring to believe in one's idea of ​​building boats for the archipelago. About being modern without following trends.

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