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Mader Bootswerft

  • Builder: Mader Bootswerft
  • Builder Country: Germany
  • Builder Address: Bootswerft Mader GmbH Zum Seeteufel 6 83329 Waging a. See
  • Builder Postcode: 83329
  • Builder City: Waging a. See
  • Builder Website: www.bootswerft-mader.de
  • Builder Phone: 498681373
  • Description: The Mader company was founded in 1952 by Leonhard Mader senior. established as a carpentry workshop. The first wooden boats were built as early as 1954. In 1956 the first molded Flying Dutchman was built. This was absolutely the latest technology at the time. In 1960 the first Korsar was built by them. Approximately 3800 of these have been manufactured to date. 1960-1961 the first attempts with plastic were made, which were limited to coatings in the underwater area. In 1962 the first Flying Dutchman was built in plastic. Construction material was epoxy resin with glass fabric. In 1964 the Corsair followed in plastic construction, also in epoxy. In 1965 the first migratory birds were made in epoxy resin foam sandwich construction. In 1972 the final breakthrough of the Mader boats was international. they delivered all Finn dinghies for the Olympics in Kiel. (The Finn dinghy will be provided by the organizer of the Olympiad) In 1976 at the Olympics in Kingston all boats in the Tempest class except one were from their shipyard. This was the boat of the favorite from England. After crossing the finish line of the last regatta, he set his boat on fire and sank it in this way. A Brazilian won the bronze medal with a Flying Dutchman from us In 1977 Dennis Connor superiorly won the Star Boat World Championship in Kiel with a Star from Mader. 1980 Gold and Silver in the Star Boat and Bronze Medal in the FD Class at the "Hull Olympiad" in Talin. 1981 Construction of the first Soling and test drives in December 1981 with Willi Kuhweide on Lake Garda. 1984 Silver Medal in Star Boat, Silver and bronze medals in the FD class at the Los Angeles Olympics. 1988 gold, silver and bronze medal in the FD class, Bronze medal in the Star Boat class in Seoul In 1989 they received the Bavarian State Prize for special technical achievements in the trade 1992 At the Barcelona Olympics, gold, silver and bronze medals were won with their FDs. After that, the Flying Dutchman was removed from the Olympic program. 1996 Beginning of cooperation in the vehicle construction sector with the company Wendler. 1997 Model and mold construction for the vehicle construction company Wendler. The first body was delivered at the end of the year. 1998 1st 2nd 3rd place Star North American Championship4. 5. 6th place World Star Championship in Portoroz, Slovenia Meanwhile they build Star, Tempest, Yngling, Zugvogel, FD, Korsar and Finn-Dinghy's in plastic construction with sandwich, where it is allowed also carbon reinforcement. About 60 world and European championships in the required Olympic classes and innumerable German, Austrian and Swiss championship titles, all of which were won with their boats, can be added to the above-mentioned successes at the Olympic Games.

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