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Mirage Yachts Ltd

  • Builder: Mirage Yachts Ltd
  • Builder Country: Canada
  • Builder Address: No longer trading
  • Builder Postcode: No longer trading
  • Builder City: No longer trading
  • Builder Website: No longer trading
  • Builder Phone: No longer trading
  • Description: A Canadian boatbuilder incorporated in 1972 and founded by Dick and Irene Steffen, for the purpose of building the Mirage 24 designed by C&C. They owned several C&C in their dealership in Point Claire, Quebec (Canada). At the time C&C did not build any model smaller than the 27. Dick was a very keen racing sailor and wanted a smaller MORC boat to both sail and sell from his retail dealership. At his request the C&C had designed a 24 footer, but never built it. Steffen then bought the design and set up his own shop on the second floor of a rented building in Point Claire, Que to build it. Sales of the 24 were gratifying and eventually 15 workers were busily turning out new Mirage 24's. A lot of the reason for its success was based on its racing record in MORC class racing. The Mirage 24 proved so successful that an C&C shortly thereafter introduced the C&C 25, quite similar in design to the Mirage 24. Nevertheless, the Mirage 24 continued to sell very well and dominated the C&C 25 on the race course. When Dick then approached the C&C design team for a larger model, he was turned down and engaged Robert Perry for the new boat. In 1975, the plant was moved to a 12,000 sq. ft facility in nearby Vaudreuil, Que. (Canada). The Perry designed Mirage 26 (later stretched to a 27) was introduced shortly thereafter. By 1979 the plant had grown to 30,000 sq.ft. with an additional 5,000 sq. ft. spar manufacturing facility in Dorion. Que. (Canada). In 1983 the plant grew to 35,000 sq.ft. to accommodate the new Perry designed Mirage 33/35. The Bob Perry models were highly successful and the core of steady growth at Mirage for over a decade. In the late 70's the J/24 became the scourge of the race course. Seeing an opportunity opened by the interest in the J/24, Dick asked his old friend and Laser/International 14 designer, Bruce Kirby to design a new boat in this size range. The Kirby 25 was the result. When J/Boats introduced the J/30, Mirage unveiled the Kirby 30. In the mid-eighties the "French Invasion" was in full swing in North America, lead by Beneteau, Jeanneau , Elite, and others. The French boats sported avant garde styling and reasonable two stateroom accommodations, even in smaller boats under 35'. Subsequently sales of the Perry designed Mirage 30 were dissapointing. From 1985, Steffen looking to build replacement models. Not long after the introduction of the MIRAGE 39, tjhe business was sold to a Montreal investor who soon after went out of business.

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