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Precision Boat Works

  • Builder: Precision Boat Works
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: Precision Boat Works, Inc. 15 Paradise Plaza Unit # 108 Sarasota, FL 342339
  • Builder Postcode: FL 342339
  • Builder City: Sarasota
  • Builder Website: www.precisionboatworks.com
  • Builder Phone: Tel. (941) 722-6601
  • Description: Precision Boat Works now enters its historic 40th Year of daily operation by Bill and Richard Porter. They also build the very popular Colgate 26 as used by hundreds of private owners as well as over 40 boats used by the US Naval Academy and US Coast Guard Academy. In addition, they have a stellar background in boat tooling and have built numerous plugs and molds (up to a 1OO foot sailboat hull mold) for many power and sail companies. Precision Boat Works is one of the oldest family owned sailboat builders in the United States and Canada. Since their founding in 1978, Precision Boat Works continues to be a well run successful small business as over 110 small sailboat builders in this size range of boats (13' to 28' family monohulls) have ceased to exist during this time period (1978 to 2013) Unlike those defunct builders, Precision Boat Works continues to grow and thrive as further testimony to the Porter Brothers abilities to provide continued support to the small sailboat industry with a sailboat product line that enjoys a well deserved reputation for delivering an honest boat that sails well, provides pride of ownership, is easy to use and provides trouble free service. Most small sailboat buyers are amazed at the number of small sailboats on the market that are not designed by a yacht designer. People would never consider buying a house designed by someone who is not an architect. Would you consider buying an airplane not designed by a trained aeronautical architect? Absolutely not. So, why would you buy a sailboat that is not designed by a naval architect? You will not have that problem with Precision. Unlike most other small sailboat builders, Precision utilizes the genius of an experienced Naval Architect, Mr. Jim Taylor of Marblehead, MA. Jim has a very impressive background, from 12' boats to America's Cup programs; Jim is also a Six (6) time "Boat of the Year" winning designer, an award presented each year by Cruising World & Sailing World Magazine. So if you are considering any other brand of sailboat, insist that the builder or dealer provide you with their designer's bio. As you research/compare features & benefits with other brands, one has to compare designer accomplishments as well. Do not take no for an answer, make sure you add yacht designer accomplishment comparisons to your new boat purchase research. And math helps to prove another benefit of their cast internal lead ballast keel/centerboard design. The fixed lead ballast is far more efficient than other brands that use cast iron or water or even concrete as a stabilizing material in their keels. As the density is far greater with cast lead, the surface area that the ballast needs is also smaller, so less wetted surface area underwater is required for the keel section, again, more efficient. Other ballast types can be a marketing "fad" or just plain cheaper, not better. Lead is the choice for most all of the leading larger expensive production & custom yachts around the world, so...why not use lead in a trailerable sailboat? It is the right thing to do. their Precision P-15K, P-165, P-185K, P-18, P-21 and P-23's all utilize cast lead ballast. Additionally, some other brands of boats bring the cabin top outboard to the edge of the boat's hull to give you the "illusion" of more interior room. Those designs are a potentially unsafe deck design arrangement as it adversely affects your ability to safely move around on deck (high step from cockpit, no handholds, narrow or no walkway forward, etc.) while the boat is in motion. Precision, like other quality large yacht builders, provide safe, wide side decks with molded in non-skid to make it much easier and far, far safer for you and/or your family to mover forward on the boat. they also feature inboard shroud placement, they have placed the shrouds inboard so you can easily walk around them on your way forward as well as allow you to pull your jib/genoa in closer to centerline for better windward performance.

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