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Schock W.D.

  • Builder: Schock W.D.
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: 1232 East Pomona Street, Santa Ana, California 92705, United States
  • Builder Postcode: 92705
  • Builder City: California
  • Builder Website: wdschockcorp.com
  • Builder Phone:  (951) 277-3377
  • Description: Boat building began for W. D. “Bill” Schock at age thirteen when he built a Skimmer in the garage of his family's Hollywood home. After serving as a crew chief in WWII, Bill moved into a small beach house in Newport Beach and set up shop. He repaired the rental fleet at a local amusement park, among other odd jobs, and started building a cold-molded wooden International 14 for himself. Before he finished it, another I-14 sailor discovered the boat and talked Bill into selling it. W. D. Schock Boat Building and Repair was in business. With John O'Donnell as President of W.D. Schock, the legacy has continued, they are committed to family oriented sailing and innovative yacht design. W.D. Schock is the first boat builder to make a production fiberglass boat. W.D. Schock manufacture new sailboats, and offer parts/support for new and legacy boats. W.D. Schock has built more than 70 different boat designs. W.D. Schock specializes in building the Harbor 20 sailboat.

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