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Snark Sailboats (Meyers Boat Co.)

  • Builder: Snark Sailboats (Meyers Boat Co.)
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: Meyers Boat Company 343 Lawrence St. Adrian, MI 49221
  • Builder Postcode: MI 49221
  • Builder City: Adrian
  • Builder Website: www.meyersboat.com
  • Builder Phone: (800) 247-6275 or (517) 265-9821
  • Description: Meyers Boat Company is a boat manufacturer in Adrian, Michigan. The company has been under its current ownership since 1991 when it was moved from Tecumseh, Michigan. Today, the company produces Meyers semi-v and jon boats, Michicraft canoes, Sportspal canoes, and Snark sailboats. Meyers Boat Company also owns the subsidiary companies of Seacycle, Waterbike, and Walden Kayaks. Meyers Boat Company is proud to offer affordable, American made marine products that will stand the test of time. An abbreviated history of 'Snark type' boats in the US (from Meyers Boat Co. website): LOCKLEY - Boat business purchased from Siltronics of Oakmont, Pennsylvania in 1970 - Started out with one mold (Sea Devil / Sea Swinger) and hull covered with sprayed Eurethane - Began vacuum forming ABS plastic on hull in 1973 - Sea Witch introduced to the market in 1974 - 1974 through 1984 the names of the existing boats were changed: - Sea Swinger was renamed Suncatcher - Sea Witch was renamed Sunchaser - Sea Devil was renamed Sea Skimmer SNARK - Snark began as a product line of Kransco, a company located in San Francisco, California - Snark was moved around the Eastern part of the United States during its early years (New Jersey, Indiana, and Virginia) - Many variations of the Snark sailboat were introduced during the time it was located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. - Companies such as Sears and JC Penney sold Snark sailboats (Super Snark/Mach II) in their catalogs. - Snark sailboats were used as promotional tools for many companies with specialized colors and personalized sails. - In the summer of 1984, Lockley purchased Snark from Kransco, and the new merged company was subsequently purchased by Entwistle of Hudson, Massachusettes - The Snark name was continued to be used and production took place in New Castle, Pennsylvania - Many of the Snark product lines became obsolete when the companies merged (see below) - The new line of boats became the Super Snark, Sunflower 3.3, Sea Skimmer, Sunchaser I, and Sunchaser II. This is the current line being produced to this day - In 1996, Snark was purchased by Meyers Boat Company and production was relocated to Adrian, Michigan. This is the current production location. Snark Product Line Through the Years: Sea Snark - active model Super Snark - active model Sunflower (prior to 1973) - discontinued Sunflower (1982 model) - discontinued Sunflower (1974 to 1981 & 1983 to current) - renamed Sunflower 3.3, active model Sea Skimmer - current model Sunchaser I - current model Sunchaser II - current model Sundancer - discontinued in 1984 Super Snark II - discontinued in 1984 Sandpiper 100 - discontinued in 1984 Super Scamper 115 - discontinued in 1984 Windsailer - discontinued in 1982 Mach II - discontinued in 1982 Hooker - discontinued in 1981 Super Scamper 101 - discontinued in 1979 Sandpiper 55 - discontinued in 1979 Sandpiper 60 - discontinued in 1979 Mayflower - discontinued in 1979 Wildflower - discontinued in 1979 Mach V - discontinued in 1979 Triumph Trimaran - discontinued in 1973 Moby Dink - discontinued in 1973

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