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Storebro Bruk AB

  • Builder: Storebro Bruk AB
  • Builder Country: Sweden
  • Builder Address: Storebro Boats AB Vimmerbyvägen 21 598 70 Storebro Sweden
  • Builder Postcode: 598 70
  • Builder City: Storebro
  • Builder Website: storebro.se
  • Builder Phone: +46 492 195 00
  • Description: For almost 70 years, Storebro Boats has nurtured and developed its own Scandinavian boat building tradition in the forests of Småland. they manage the heritage with warmth and pride, while history now takes a big step forward. Storebro is back. T he genuine craftsmanship runs like a red thread through all their model generations and is a well-established culture in the factory. Over the years, a lot of energy has been put into developing the designs and developing new concepts. they have always used the opportunities that new technology offers to be able to constantly improve their boats. Storebro is one of the world's most respected brands in the boat market and synonymous with solid quality. In order to live up to the customers' high expectations, exceptional workmanship and innovative design are required. It can only be achieved through a combination of an open approach coupled with high ideals. High-class material choices and care in the details are the basis for a refined whole. Storebro is luxury at the forefront. Boating life is about so much more than just an extravagant surface. their boats are adapted for tough environments while meeting all requirements for functionality and comfort. Seaworthiness, efficient packaging, practical features and good sound comfort have always had a high priority. On board, the unique, cozy Storebro feeling prevails. Only your own imagination sets the limits. they put the customer's dreams and wishes first. The model range today consists of both civilian and military boats, 435 Commander, 435 SunTop and a further developed version of the Swedish amphibious corps' Stridsbåt 90E. All the boats have in common that they are proof of exclusive boat building art in the higher school.

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