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Uniflite Inc.

  • Builder: Uniflite Inc.
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: No longer trading
  • Builder Postcode: No longer trading
  • Builder City: No longer trading
  • Builder Website: No longer trading
  • Builder Phone: No longer trading
  • Description: A USA boatbuilder located at Bellingham Shipyard in Washington, USA. It's first fiberglass boat was a 17' runabout introduced in 1958 which was followed by several power and sailing yachts. The Company supplied boats to the US Navy including a series of Luders designed 44' yawls. Later, when building the VALIANT sailboat line the company experimented with fire retardent resin which ultimately caused severe hull blistering and resulted in a class-action lawsuit. The company closed down in 1984.

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