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Westsail Corporation

  • Builder: Westsail Corporation
  • Builder Country: United States
  • Builder Address: No longer trading
  • Builder Postcode: No longer trading
  • Builder City: No longer trading
  • Builder Website: No longer trading
  • Builder Phone: No longer trading
  • Description: A USA boatbuilder, founded by Lynne and Snyder Vicks. They started the company by purchasing the Kendall 32 molds from Larry Kendall. 31 Kendall 32 were built before becomming the Westsail 32. In 1977 Hans Weerman purchased the molds, created Westsail International, and built Westsails for two more years. In 1979, Ed Parker, owner of P&M Worldwide, purchased the molds for the W32 and W39. He built 9x W32's and 7x W39's. He shipped the molds to Taiwan where some were built and imported to the US as Fairweather Mariner 39. Also in 1979, Don Jones, owner of Jomarco, purchased the molds for the W42 and W43. He built 3x W42's and 6x W43's.

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