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Musto Skiff is a Single handed skiff (dinghy) built by Ovington Boats and designed by Light skiff. Her first hull was built in 2000 and a Mast foot integrated on deck mast configuration.

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MUSTO SKIFF Sailboat Specifications​


Overall Length (LOA) m / ft4.55 m / 14.93 ft
Builder(s)Ovington Boats
Designer(s)Light skiff
categorySingle handed skiff (dinghy)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Hull TypeMonohull
First Hull Built2000
Last Hull BuiltStill in production
AppendagesCenterboard daggerboard
HelmSingle tiller
RudderSingle transom hung rudder
CockpitAft cockpit with racks
Rigging TypeCat boat Marconi
Mast LayoutMast foot integrated on deck


Overall Length (LOA) 4.55 m / 14.93 ft
Hull Length4.55 m / 14.11 ft
Waterline Length (LWL)4.26 m / 14 ft
Beam (width)2.35 m / 7.8 ft
Draft1.07 m / 3.6 ft
Light Displacement (MLC) 83 kg / 183 lb
Maximum Displacement80 kg / 176 lb


Critical Hull Speed5.01 knots
Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)3.16
Displacement-Length Ratio (DLR)30
Sail Area to Displacement64.24
Upwind Sail Area to Displacement62.01 m²/T / 667 ft²/T
Downwind Sail Area to Displacement143.48 m²/T / 1544 ft²/T

Above Deck

Mast LayoutMast foot integrated on deck
Mast Height from DWL7.06 m / 23.2 ft
Rotating SparsNo
Number of Levels of Spreaders1
Spreaders AngleSwept-back
Spars ConstructionCarbon fiber spars
Standing Rigging1x19 strand wire continuous
Reported Sail Area11.71 m² / 126.00 ft²
Upwind Sail Area11.8 m² / 127 ft²
Downwind Sail Area27.3 m² / 294 ft²
Mainsail Area11.8 m² / 127 ft²

Engine Room

Engine(s)No engine