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YANKEE ONE DESIGN built by Quincy Adams Yacht Yard and designed by W. Starling Burgess. Her first hull was built in 1937 with an overall lengh of 9.30 m or 30.50 ft long

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YANKEE ONE DESIGN Sailboat Specifications​


Overall Length (LOA) m / ft9.30 m / 30.50 ft
Builder(s)Yankee Yachts Inc.
Designer(s)W. Starling Burgess
CountryUnited States
Hull TypeFin Keel
Number of Hulls Built42
First Hull Built1937
Last Hull Built1960
Ballast TypeLead
Rigging TypeFractional Sloop
Ballast Ratio53.4


Overall Length (LOA) 9.30 m / 30.50 ft
Waterline Length (LWL)7.32 m / 24.00 ft
Beam (width)1.98 m / 6.50 ft
Draft1.37 m / 4.50 ft
Light Displacement (MLC) 2166 kg / 4775 lb
Maximum Displacement2166 kg / 4775 lb
Ballast Weight1157 kg / 2550 lb


Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)1.55
Comfort Ratio23.48
Displacement-Length Ratio (DLR)154.2
Ballast Ratio53.4
Sail Area to Displacement18.33

Above Deck

Estimated Forestay Length8.94 m / 29.35 ft
Reported Sail Area30.10 m² / 324.00 ft²
Total Sail Area30.09 m² / 323.85 ft²
Mainsail Area20.82 m² / 224.10 ft²
I28.50 ft * 8.69 m
J7.00 ft * 2.13 m
P33.20 ft * 10.12 m
E13.50 ft * 4.11 m
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