In addition to having a fascinating history and culture, Egypt is a popular vacation spot for sailors. Many sailing spots are available along Egypt’s stunning coastline, which annually draws thousands of tourists. In this post, we’ll look at the best Sailing Destinations in Egypt, fun sailing activities, and things to think about when organizing a sailing trip there.

The coastline of Egypt has a number of sailing locations that can accommodate sailors of all experience levels and interests. Egypt’s sailing venues offer a distinctive and fascinating experience for sailors of all levels. Make sure you thoroughly plan your trip and take into account all the key elements, including weather conditions, visa requirements, and travel insurance. Sailing in Egypt is a unique adventure that mixes culture, history, and adventure.

Top Sailing Destinations in Egypt

Egypt has a coastline that runs over 3,000 kilometers along the Red Sea and Mediterranean Seas, respectively. Many sailing spots with a variety of landscapes, climates, and sailing conditions are available along this coastline. Following are the top Sailing Destinations in Egypt:

#1 Hurghada

Hurghada, which is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Egypt, is situated on the Red Sea coast. It boasts a stunning coastline and offers a wide range of diving and water sports. For those who enjoy sailing, it makes a great vacation spot. Hurghada enjoys warm, dry weather all year long, which makes it a fantastic place to go sailing. For sailors of all skill levels, Hurghada offers a range of sailing choices, from casual cruising to more difficult sailing conditions.

#2 Sharm El Sheikh

A stunning beachfront city called Sharm El Sheikh may be found on the Sinai Peninsula’s southernmost point. It is one of Egypt’s most popular sites for water activities, including sailing. The city includes a marina with amenities for sailors, and there are a number of sailing schools that provide beginner-level instruction. Sharm El Sheikh has year-round warm and sunny weather, making sailing an excellent activity there. With the magnificent Sinai Mountains as a background, the waters surrounding Sharm El Sheikh provide excellent sailing opportunities.

#3 Marsa Alam

On Egypt’s Red Sea shore, Marsa Alam is a lovely beach city. Although it is a lesser-known sailing location in Egypt, sailors will have an amazing time there. Marsa Alam’s surrounding waters are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving because they are clear and home to a diversity of marine life. Also, the city provides facilities for seasoned sailors as well as sailing instruction for newbies. Marsa Alam has year-round warm and sunny weather, which makes it a great place to go sailing.

#4 Alexandria

On Egypt’s shore of the Mediterranean Sea is the historic city of Alexandria. The city’s harbor is one of the oldest in the world, and it has a long history of shipping. With a milder climate and calmer waves than the Red Sea, Alexandria provides a different sailing experience. On their voyage, sailors can experience the city’s numerous historical and cultural attractions. The rich marine history of Alexandria can be experienced by sailing there.

#5 Port Said

On Egypt’s Mediterranean Sea coast, Port Said is a coastal city. It is a significant port city and the entrance to the Suez Canal. For sailors looking to explore the Mediterranean Sea, Port Said is a popular stop. The city includes a marina with amenities for sailors, and there are a number of sailing schools that provide beginner-level instruction. Port Said is a great place to go sailing because of the warm weather there all year long.

Egypt’s sailing activities

Many activities are available when sailing in Egypt to suit a range of interests and abilities. Here are a few of Egypt’s preferred sailing activities:

Sailing a catamaran

Sailing on catamarans is a well-liked pastime in Egypt, particularly in places along the Red Sea. Catamarans, which have two hulls and give stability and speed, are perfect for sailing in the calm waters of the Red Sea. They are an excellent choice for beginners because they are extremely simple to sail.

Sailing a dinghy

In Alexandria and Port Said, dinghy sailing is a popular pastime. Small sailboats called dinghies are perfect for exploring the Mediterranean Sea’s calmer seas. Sailing in a dinghy is a more difficult pastime that requires some skill, but it gives sailors a fantastic sense of accomplishment and adventure.


In Egypt, especially in the Red Sea resort areas, kiteboarding is a well-liked water sport. Sailboarding, wakeboarding, and paragliding are all combined into kiteboarding. Sailors who are daring can enjoy this high-intensity pastime, but it does require some expertise and skill.


In Egypt, particularly in the Red Sea regions, windsurfing is a well-liked pastime. Windsurfing needs some experience and talent and combines elements of sailing and surfing. The Red Sea’s waters can be explored and the pleasure of windsurfing experienced by taking up the sport.

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Getting ready to sail to Egypt

A number of elements need to be carefully taken into account while organizing a sailing vacation to Egypt. The following are some crucial factors to remember:

Visa prerequisites

You should check your country’s visa requirements prior to traveling to Egypt. While some nations have a visa-on-arrival system, others require a visa to enter Egypt. When making your travel arrangements, be sure to check the visa requirements.

Weather circumstances

Egypt occasionally experiences hot, dry weather, particularly in the summer. Before making travel plans, be sure to check the weather, and carry proper clothing and sun protection.

Travel protection

When visiting Egypt, especially for water sports, travel insurance is crucial. Ensure sure your trip insurance is sufficient and covers activities like sailing and other water sports.

The ideal time to sail in Egypt

Egypt has a desert environment, which means that during the summer, it can get very hot. It is advisable to travel to Egypt during the cooler months of November to April if you intend to sail there. These are the best sailing months because of the milder temperatures and better breezes.

Pack some warm clothing because the temperature during the winter can be chilly, especially at night. March through May are the most comfortable sailing months, with pleasant temperatures. Sailing might be more difficult during the summer months of June to September because of the potential for extreme heat and humidity as well as erratic wind conditions.

Tips for Sailing Destinations in Egypt

The following advice will assist you in getting ready for a sailing vacation to Egypt:

  • Plan ahead for your sailing trip
    If you intend to sail during the busiest season, you should make your reservations well in advance. Make sure you reserve your position in advance as Egypt’s busiest sailing spots might become crowded.
  • Bring the appropriate clothing and sunscreen.
    In Egypt, the sun may be very intense, so be sure to pack proper clothing and sunblock. Wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that breathe well is preferable; also, protect your eyes from the sun by donning a hat and sunglasses.
  • Take Your Own Equipment
    It’s a good idea to bring your own sailing equipment if you have it. You won’t have to worry about renting or borrowing equipment because you’ll have familiar equipment.
  • Contact a Local Guide
    A terrific approach to make the most of your sailing trip is to hire a local guide. A local guide can show you the best Sailing Destinations in Egypt, impart local expertise, and assist you with any difficulties that may arise.
  • Observe the local environment and culture
    It’s crucial to respect regional customs and traditions because Egypt has a rich cultural heritage. Respect local laws and regulations and do your share to preserve the environment when sailing in Egypt.

For sailors of all skill levels, Sailing Destinations in Egypt offer a singular and remarkable experience. Egypt has something for everyone, from the serene waters of the Mediterranean to the adrenaline-pumping windsurfing and kiteboarding in the Red Sea. Consideration must be given to a number of variables while organizing a sailing trip to Egypt, including the need for a visa, the state of the weather, and travel insurance. You can have a safe and fun sailing voyage to Egypt by paying attention to these suggestions and implementing the appropriate safety procedures. Visit our sailing destinations page for some incredible ideas and places to explore if you’re feeling motivated to organize your sailing holiday. Start preparing for your upcoming sailing excursion right away with Ocean Wave Sail!

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