If you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience then sailing in Solomon Islands should be the top of your list. Some of the world’s most pristine and unexplored sailing locations can be found in this lovely island nation. The Solomon Islands are a paradise for sailors and environment lovers alike thanks to their clean waters, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life.

Sailing a liveaboard is a great way to see the Solomon Islands because you may visit many beautiful places while still having all the conveniences of home. Every sailor and adventurer can find a liveaboard option that suits them, from opulent yachts to more affordable alternatives.

The Solomon Islands provide an outstanding sailing experience that you won’t want to miss, regardless of your level of skill. Prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime to the Solomon Islands by packing your bags, boarding the aeroplane and setting off!


On the northwest shore of the island of Guadalcanal is where Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is situated. A lovely natural harbour surrounds this lively city, where many sailboats moor. Numerous tiny islands and islets dot the harbour, providing great sailing in Solomon Islands grounds.

The sailing routes and locations in Honiara
The Florida Islands, Russell Islands, and Savo Island are a few of the more well-liked sailing routes and locations from Honiara. These locations provide stunning views of the abundant marine life and clean, blue waters. Sailors particularly love the Florida Islands for their pristine beauty and fantastic diving and snorkelling locations.

Choices for notable liveaboards in Honiara
The MV Bilikiki and the MV Taka are two well-known liveaboard choices in Honiara. The waterways surrounding Honiara and the Solomon Islands may be explored in a novel and thrilling way thanks to these liveaboard boats. While onboard, passengers can take advantage of cosy accommodations, delectable meals, and a variety of water sports.

Marovo Lagoon

On the western side of the island of New Georgia sits Marovo Lagoon, one of the biggest lagoons in the world. The lagoon is a well-liked location for sailors and divers because of the stunning coral reefs and verdant woods that surround it.

Marovo Lagoon’s well-travelled sailing routes and destinations
Seghe, Marovo Island, and Mbulo Island are a few of the more well-liked sailing routes and locations in Marovo Lagoon. These locations provide incredible options for diving and snorkelling, as well as magnificent natural beauty and unique cultural experiences.

Marovo Lagoon’s notable liveaboard choices
The MV Taka II and the Solomons PNG Master are only two of the famous liveaboard choices in Marovo Lagoon. These liveaboard boats give visitors the opportunity to explore the lagoon and its surroundings in luxury and comfort. These liveaboard cruises are a terrific opportunity to explore a variety of water sports, fine dining, and comfy accommodations.

Uepi Island

A small island called Uepi Island is situated at the southernmost point of Marovo Lagoon. The island is a well-liked location for snorkelling and scuba diving aficionados because of the spectacular coral reefs that surround it.

Well-travelled sailing routes and locations close to Uepi Island
The Marovo Lagoon, the Russell Islands, and the Florida Islands are a few well-travelled sailing routes and locations close to Uepi Island. These locations provide stunning views of the abundant marine life and clean, blue waters.

Notable liveaboard options
Near Uepi Island, there are a number of well-known liveaboard options, including the MV Taka II and the Solomon PNG Master. Passengers can explore the waters near Uepi Island and the Solomon Islands on board these liveaboard boats. These live-aboard excursions are a wonderful way to discover the splendour of the Solomon Islands since they offer cosy cabins, delectable meals, and a variety of water sports.


The Solomon Islands Western Province has the small town of Munda, which is situated on the island of New Georgia. The village is a well-liked destination for divers and snorkelers because of the spectacular coral reefs that surround it.

Munda’s most well-liked sailing routes and locations
Skull Island, Mbigo Island, and Rendova Island are some of the well-travelled sailing routes and locations in Munda. These locations provide stunning views of the abundant marine life and clean, blue waters.

Mary Island

The Solomon Islands are home to Mary Island, sometimes referred to as M’Buke Island. It is a piece of the Western Province’s New Georgia Islands group. Due to its lovely beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundance of marine life, Mary Island is a well-liked diving location while sailing in Solomon Islands. Due to the island’s proximity to coral reefs, it is a great place to go diving and snorkelling.

Popular sailing routes and destinations close to Mary Island: Mary Island is close to a number of well-liked sailing routes and locations. One of the most well-known routes is from Honiara to Mary Island, which passes via several other stunning islands and the Marovo Lagoon, the largest saltwater lagoon in the world. Other well-liked locations close to Mary Island are Gizo, which is well-known for its stunning beaches and excellent diving, and Seghe, the capital of the Western Province.

Several well-known liveaboard choices close to Mary Island

There are a number of reputable liveaboard choices available for anyone seeking to explore the seas surrounding Mary Island. These include the Solomon Encounters, a liveaboard that specialises in exploring the Marovo Lagoon and the Western Province, and the MV Taka, a plush 30-meter catamaran that provides diving and snorkelling tours throughout the Solomon Islands. Both of these liveaboards provide cosy lodging, mouthwatering meals, and knowledgeable guides to help you get the most out of your sailing excursion in the Solomon Islands.

Why then wait? Start making plans for your sailing in Solomon Islands trip right away to see this region of the world’s rich culture and natural beauty.

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