Sailing lovers frequently travel to Wisconsin because of its gorgeous lakes and picturesque landscape. There are many spots to set sail in Wisconsin, regardless of your level of experience. We’ll look at some of the state’s top locations for Sailing in Wisconsin in this article.

Lake Geneva

One of the most well-liked sailing locations in Wisconsin is Lake Geneva. This lake, which is situated in the state’s southeast, is renowned for its clean water and lovely surroundings. With a selection of sailboat rentals available, it’s the perfect location for sailors of all experience levels. Take a guided trip to discover more about the region’s natural wonders and history, or you can hire a sailboat and explore the lake on your own.

The summer months, when the weather is nice and the lake is calm, are the ideal times to go sailing on Lake Geneva. Try sailing in the spring or autumn when the wind is stronger if you want a more difficult sailing experience.

Catamarans, dinghies, and keelboats are just a few of the sailboat varieties that work well on Lake Geneva. Dinghies are excellent for beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals of Sailing in Wisconsin, while catamarans are a popular choice due to their speed and stability. Longer trips are best completed on keelboats, which are a more complicated alternative and demand more experience.

Apostle Islands

Go to the Apostle Islands if you want to go sailing somewhere more exciting. The Apostle Islands, which are in Lake Superior, provide some of the best sailing in the nation. You can spend days exploring the region’s untainted waters and rocky coastline because there are 22 islands to discover there.

Given that the wind and water can occasionally be unpredictable, the Apostle Islands are a fantastic location for more seasoned sailors. When Sailing in Wisconsin in this region, it’s necessary to be ready and aware of your limitations. It’s advised to take a guided trip if you’ve never been sailing before to have a better understanding of the local circumstances.

The Apostle Islands are best suited for larger sailboats like keelboats and catamarans when it comes to sailboat types. These vessels are more sturdy and able to withstand Lake Superior’s fluctuating weather.

Lake Winnebago

The largest inland lake in Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago, is a well-liked sailing location. Lake Winnebago, which is in the state’s eastern region, provides a range of sailing opportunities. There is something for everyone in the lake, from the calm waters of the north end to the tumultuous waves of the south end.

Summertime is the best time to sail on Lake Winnebago since the weather is nice and the water is tranquil. Any type of sailboat, including dinghies, catamarans, and keelboats, can be used on the lake.

You can satisfy your need for competition at the several sailing clubs and regattas that call Lake Winnebago home. These groups provide a fantastic opportunity to learn about Sailing in Wisconsin and connect with local sailors if you’ve never done it before.

Door County

Go to Door County if you’re searching for a sailing location that is a little farther off the beaten path. Door County, which is situated on a peninsula in Lake Michigan, is renowned for its charming communities, picturesque coastline, and exceptional sailing.

With a range of sailboat rental options available, Door County is an excellent location for sailors of all experience levels. You can sail along the beach for a more peaceful experience or explore the area’s islands and bays.

Door County is excellent for a wide range of sailboat types, including dinghies, catamarans, and keelboats. Catamarans are a well-liked option because of their stability and speed.

Green Lake

Central Wisconsin’s Green Lake comes first. With a maximum depth of 236 feet and an area of almost 7,000 acres, this is a well-liked vacation spot for sailors and boaters alike. The lake is renowned for its stunning scenery and crystal-clear waters. A fantastic opportunity to discover the area’s natural beauty and catch some fish is to sail on Green Lake.

Recommended Sailboat: The Catalina 22 is a great option if you’re searching for a sailboat that’s easy to operate and is fun for the whole family. This sailboat is great for day trips and has plenty of accommodation for up to six people. It’s also easy to launch and operate, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Lake Monona

Lake Monona is another well-liked sailing location in Madison. A few kilometres to the south of Lake Mendota, Lake Monona is renowned for its stunning sunsets and city skyline vistas. The lake also hosts a number of sailing clubs and competitions, making it a great location to socialise and compete with other sailors.

The J/24 is the recommended sailboat type for sailing in Lake Monona. This sailboat is nimble and quick, making it ideal for cruising or racing. It’s also a popular choice for sailing schools and racing programs, so you’ll have plenty of resources if you’re new to Sailing in Wisconsin.

Lake Michigan

Finally, we can’t talk about sailing in Wisconsin without discussing Lake Michigan. The lake is the third largest of the Great Lakes and offers some of the most spectacular sailing in the country. You can sail along the coastline and explore quaint towns like Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Racine. You’ll have many of alternatives for boat launches because Lake Michigan is also home to a great number of marinas and sailing clubs.

Recommended Sailboat: The Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 is a good choice if you intend to sail on Lake Michigan. This sailboat has plenty of space and is intended for bluewater cruising.

Liveaboard while Sailing in Wisconsin

There are a few things to think about if you want to live on a yacht in Wisconsin before moving there. There are many wonderful sailing locations in Wisconsin, but living on a boat full-time necessitates considerable planning and preparation.

You must first select the ideal yacht for your requirements. There are a few important things to think about when it comes to liveaboard sailboats. You need a boat with enough room to live comfortably inside and lots of storage for all of your possessions. You should also look for a boat with a strong, solid construction, a dependable engine, and good sailing capabilities.

For liveaboard use, some common sailboat types are:

  • Catalina 36 – This venerable sailing vessel is renowned for its roomy interior and luxurious accommodations. The cockpit is spacious, there is a tonne of storage, and the diesel engine is dependable.
  • Hunter 376 – Another well-liked sailboat for liveaboard use is the Hunter 376. It features a roomy salon, a sizable galley, and cozy sleeping accommodations.
  • Island Packet 35 – The Island Packet 35 is a well-made, hardy yacht known for its exceptional performance and plush living quarters.

After selecting the ideal sailboat for your requirements, you’ll need to locate a suitable harbor or location to use as your base of operations. In Wisconsin, there are several excellent choices, including the following:

  • Milwaukee Harbour: The Milwaukee Harbour, which lies in the centre of Milwaukee’s downtown, is a favorite stop for liveaboard sailors. The city’s eateries, stores, and attractions are all conveniently accessible from there.
  • Liveaboard sailors can dock at the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee, which provides both mooring and dockage options.
  • Sister Bay Marina – Located in stunning Door County, the Sister Bay Marina provides liveaboard sailors with a gorgeous environment. Showers, laundry facilities, and a clubhouse are just a few of the many amenities available.
  • Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is easily accessible from Bayfield Marina, which is situated in the quaint Wisconsin hamlet of Bayfield.

Visit our sailing locations page for some incredible ideas and places to explore if you’re feeling motivated to organize your sailing holiday. Start preparing for your upcoming sailing excursion right away with Ocean Wave Sail!

In Wisconsin, living on a sailboat may be an enormously gratifying experience. You can take advantage of everything that this lovely state has to offer while living the sailing lifestyle of your dreams if you have the correct sailboat and marina.

No matter where in Wisconsin you intend to sail, make sure to check the weather report before you go Sailing in Wisconsin. The weather in Wisconsin can be erratic, so it’s crucial to be ready for anything that might happen. A happy voyage!

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