A sailing enthusiast’s delight, the Caribbean Netherlands offers a wide variety of sailing destinations and activities to satisfy all tastes. The sailing destinations in Caribbean Netherlands have something to offer everyone, whether you’re an experienced sailor looking for bluewater adventures or a novice sailor eager to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. You can select the ideal boat to suit your needs and degree of experience from the selection of sailboats, yachts, and catamarans that are available for rental.

Some of the world’s most stunning and exotic sailing spots may be found in the Caribbean Netherlands. It is understandable why sailors swarm to these islands given the temperate temperature, calm trade winds, and clean oceans. There are many sailing places to discover, ranging from the lively streets of Willemstad in Curacao to the peaceful beaches of Anguilla. The Caribbean Netherlands has it all, whether you want to explore the reefs and cays, take in the local culture, or just unwind on your yacht’s deck. Prepare for the sailing vacation of a lifetime by packing your luggage, boarding your catamaran, and sailing away!

Top 7 Sailing Destinations in the Caribbean Netherlands

A collection of islands in the Caribbean Sea known as the Caribbean Netherlands are actually a part of the Netherlands. The Caribbean islands of Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius are among the best places in the world to sail. With crystal-clear waters, breathtaking scenery, and a rich cultural history, each island offers a distinct experience. This article will examine some of the top sailing destinations in Caribbean Netherlands as well as the attractions that each island has to offer.


Sailing enthusiasts frequently travel to Bonaire because of its quiet, clear waters and great visibility. As a result of the island’s well-known coral reefs, which are a home for marine life, it is a fantastic place to go diving and snorkeling. A diversity of vegetation and animals can be found on the island, especially in the Washington Slagbaai National Park, which is open to visitors. Visitors can also revel in the island’s delectable cuisine, which draws inspiration from both its Caribbean environment and Dutch past.
Cruise to Klein Bonaire, a little deserted island off the coast of Bonaire, and take advantage of its quiet beaches and top-notch snorkeling locations. Visit Lac Bay, an island’s easternmost shallow lagoon where windsurfing and kiteboarding are ideal. Don’t forget to sample some of the regional cuisine, including goat stew and keshi yena (stuffed cheese).


Saba is a tiny island with rocky shoreline and steep cliffs, making it a difficult place for mariners to land. The island’s rough topography, however, offers visitors a unique experience and beautiful vistas of the sea beyond. The Saba Anole lizard and the Saban parrot are only two examples of the island’s rich flora and fauna. In addition, Saba has a wide range of activities available, including hiking, snorkeling, and touring the island’s historical monuments.
Visit the Bottom, the island’s capital, and see its winding lanes and charming homes. Cruise to Wells Bay, a remote beach on the island’s western side, and take in the crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery. Take a hike up Mount Scenery, the island’s highest point, and enjoy the expansive views of the surrounding ocean.

St. Eustatius

The historic island of Saint. Eustatius, often called Statia, has a rich cultural history. The capital of the island, Oranjestad, is home to numerous ancient structures and museums. The island was formerly a significant commerce hub in the Caribbean. The island is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling because it is also home to a diversity of aquatic life. Visitors can also take advantage of the island’s mild weather and lovely beaches.
Visit Fort Oranje, a historic fort that provides sweeping views of the nearby sea, as recommended. Cruise to St. Kitts and Nevis, the adjacent island, and take in its breathtaking beaches and dynamic culture. Don’t forget to sample the local specialties, like cheeses from the Netherlands and saltfish and johnnycakes.

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St. Maarten/St. Martin

Saint Martin/St. The Dutch and French sides of the island of Martin are split. The island attracts visitors because it offers a distinctive fusion of European and Caribbean cultures. In addition, the island is well-known for its clean beaches, clear waters, and a range of water sports like sailing, snorkeling, and diving.
Sailing to Orient Bay, a long, broad beach with good windsurfing and snorkeling options, is advised. Visit Marigot, the island’s French-speaking capital, and discover its quaint streets, vibrant markets, and top-notch dining options. Try the local favorite, guavaberry rum, while you’re there.


Curacao is a lively, colorful island with a strong sense of culture. Willemstad, the capital of the island, is renowned for its vibrant architecture and old forts and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, the island provides a range of activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, and exploring the various topographies of the island.
We advise visiting Klein Curacao, a tiny deserted island off the coast of Curacao, to take advantage of its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. A network of caves with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites is called the Hato Caves. Don’t forget to sample some of the regional cuisine, like funchi and karni stoba (beef stew) (a cornmeal-based side dish).


A little island called Aruba has white sand beaches and lovely waters. Windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are among the island’s popular activities. It also has mild weather and hospitable residents. Arikok National Park and the California Lighthouse are only two examples of the many cultural attractions that can be found in Aruba.
Cruise to Baby Beach, a remote beach on the southern extremity of the island, and take advantage of its tranquil seas and top-notch snorkeling locations. See the Natural Bridge, a naturally occurring rock formation that once held the title of the island’s most well-known landmark. Try the regional cuisine, including keshi yena and pan bati (a type of pancake).


The little island of Anguilla is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters. The island’s relaxed ambiance makes it the ideal vacation spot for people wishing to unwind and relax. The island is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling because it is also home to a diversity of aquatic life.
Sailing to Shoal Bay, a long and broad beach that is regarded as one of the greatest in the Caribbean, is advised. Visit the Heritage Collection Museum to learn more about the history and culture of the island. Don’t forget to sample some of the regional delicacies, such conch fritters and lobster on the grill.

In conclusion, the home to some of the world’s top sailing destinations in Caribbean Netherlands, with each island providing a distinctive experience for tourists. These islands provide a variety of activities and experiences that are sure to leave you with lifelong memories, whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice. Now get ready to set sail for the Caribbean Netherlands and pack your baggage!

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