Sailing Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda, with crystal-clear waters are the stuff of sailors’ and yachting lovers’ dreams all over the world. There are many alternatives to select from in this breathtaking location, whether you prefer the luxury and comfort of a yacht, the speed, and agility of a sailboat, or the space and stability of a catamaran. Antigua and Barbuda offers some of the best sailing conditions in the Caribbean thanks to its warm tropical environment, regular trade winds, and endless coves and bays to discover.

The picturesque anchorages, palm-lined beaches, and crystal-clear waters of Antigua and Barbuda make it a haven for all types of sailors. In this tropical locale, there are boats to fit every taste and price range, from svelte and swift sailboats to opulent motor yachts and roomy catamarans. Antigua and Barbuda is an ideal destination for both experienced sailors and inexperienced boaters due to its steady trade winds, pleasant weather, and sheltered anchorages. This Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda have it all, whether you’re wanting to unwind on a sunset sail or go on a thrilling adventure exploring secret coves and uninhabited islands.

Top 8 Sailing Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda

The eastern Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda are well-known for their clear waters, white sand beaches, and reliable trade winds, which make them a popular sailing location. Here are a few of the most popular Sailing Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda, along with its major attractions, specializations, and sailing advice.

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English Harbour

A charming and historic sailing location that may be found on Antigua’s southeast coast. The only operational Georgian dockyard in the world, Nelson’s Dockyard is located there and is a UNESCO World Heritage property. A multitude of beaches, including Pigeon Beach and Galleon Beach, are located all around the harbour. There are numerous pubs and restaurants in the area, which is well renowned for its vibrant nightlife.
The Antigua Naval Shipyard Museum, Shirley Heights Viewpoint, Falmouth Harbour, and Nelson’s Dockyard are all worthwhile stops.

Specialties: The best marinas and yacht services in the Caribbean may be found in English Harbour. The annual Antigua Sailing Week, which draws sailors from all over the world, is also held there.

The several anchorages in the vicinity, including Falmouth Harbour and Freeman’s Bay, should be utilized by sailors. To learn more about the region’s rich past, they should also visit the historical sites and museums.

Jolly Harbour

A well-liked travel destination for both visitors and sailors. It is situated on Antigua’s western coast. A sizable marina, as well as a multitude of eateries, bars, and shops, can be found in the harbour. The region is renowned for its serene surroundings and stunning beaches, like Jolly Beach and Darkwood Beach.
Jolly Harbour Marina, Valley Church Beach, and Fig Tree Road are all worthwhile stops.

Specialties: The nicest seaside bars and restaurants in Antigua may be found in Jolly Harbour. Also, it provides simple access to several of the island’s top diving and snorkeling locations.

The marina’s amenities, such as its fuel dock and laundry facilities, should be utilized by sailors. In order to experience the island’s natural splendor, they should also check out the adjacent beaches and hiking paths.


A remote, uninhabited island that is ideal for sailors seeking a tranquil retreat. It is situated north of Antigua. The island is home to Pink Sand Beach, one of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean, as well as a number of other pristine beaches. The largest frigate bird colony in the world is among the region’s wildlife attractions.
See the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, the Martello Tower, and the Pink Sand Beach.

Specialties: Barbuda is a pristine natural paradise where travelers can find the ideal respite from Antigua’s hustle and bustle.

The best places for sailors to anchor are Cocoa Point or Low Bay, both of which provide quick access to Pink Sand Beach. They ought to visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary as well to see the distinctive biodiversity of the region.

Green Island

A remote, undeveloped island off the eastern coast of Antigua that is ideal for sailors searching for a tranquil getaway. The island is bordered by coral reefs and has waters that are incredibly clear, making it a great place to go diving and snorkeling.
Green Island, Darkwood Beach, and Ffryes Beach are places to visit.

Specialties: The tranquility of the Caribbean can be experienced on Green Island, a remote haven with unspoiled beauty.

It is advised that sailors anchor on Green Island’s eastern side since it provides the best protection from the dominant winds. The island’s beaches and coral reefs, which are alive with marine life, should also be explored.

Dickenson Bay

A well-liked holiday spot for both visitors and sailors. It is situated on Antigua’s northwest coast. There are several upmarket resorts and eateries in the region, along with a significant portion of white sand beach. The bay is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, which are perfect for diving, swimming, and snorkeling.
Visit Fort James, Dickenson Bay Beach, and Runaway Beach.

Specialties: Dickenson Bay is a hive of activity with a variety of attractions, such as beach bars, restaurants, and places to rent equipment for water sports.

Sailors are advised to anchor in the approved anchorage area and utilize the facilities close by. They should also visit the beaches and historical places in the area.

Nonsuch Bay

Situated on Antigua’s eastern coast, Nonsuch Bay is a remote and serene location ideal for sailors seeking a relaxing retreat. The bay is great for sailing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing because it is bordered by verdant hills and has safe waters.
Nonsuch Bay Resort, Half Moon Bay, and Harmony Hall are places to go.

Nonsuch Bay is known for its tranquility, great sailing conditions, and abundance of scenic natural areas.

Sailors are advised to anchor in the harbor and make the most of the ideal sailing conditions. They ought to visit the neighborhood eateries and beaches to sample the fare from the area.

Cades Reef

Cades Reef is a well-known snorkeling and diving location off the southwest coast of Antigua. A wide variety of marine life, including vibrant coral formations, tropical fish, and sea turtles, may be found on the reef.
Cades Reef, Darkwood Beach, and Valley Church Beach are all worthwhile stops.

Specialties: With great underwater clarity and an abundance of marine life, Cades Reef is a well-known snorkeling and diving attraction.

Recommendations: To see the area’s underwater delights, sailors should anchor close to the reef and go on a guided snorkeling or diving tour. To experience some of the local cultures, they should also visit the adjacent beaches.

Great Bird Island

A small, deserted island that is ideal for a day excursion or overnight stay. It is situated off the northeastern coast of Antigua. There are numerous hiking paths, isolated beaches, and picturesque vantage points on the island.
Big Bird Island, Galley Bay Beach, and Hawksbill Beach are places to visit.

Specialties: Big Bird Island is a remote, undeveloped location ideal for sailors seeking a tranquil getaway.

Sailors are advised to anchor close to the island and go hiking to discover the area’s stunning natural scenery. They ought to go swimming or snorkeling to see the local marine life and reefs.

The Best Time to Sail

In Antigua and Barbuda, the dry season, which lasts from December to April, is the ideal time to go sailing. The weather is often sunny and dry throughout this season, with low humidity and a consistent trade wind that creates the best sailing conditions. Around 80°F (27°C) is the typical temperature at this period, making sailing and other outdoor activities enjoyable.

The marinas and anchorages may be congested during this period because Antigua and Barbuda’s peak tourist season lasts from December to March. The cost of lodging, dining, and other amenities could also increase during this time.

Consider sailing Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda in the shoulder season, which spans from November to May, if you want to escape the crowds and save money. The weather is still typically dry and sunny during this season, and there are fewer tourists and reduced pricing. But, it’s crucial to monitor the weather throughout the shoulder season because storms or showers are still a possibility on occasion.

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